Hello new to this site, it looks pretty cool so hey!
Howdy, nice imgs in your sig. You new?
Yeah, i wouldnt have started an intro if i wasnt XD, and thanks, i give coralp props...
Welcome to RERN. We've got a few oddities around here, but you'll get used to them in no time. They're what make this place fun after all. If you're planning on making a character and joining the RP, just check over the rules. So long as it looks like you looked at 'em, the mods should be lenient on you even if you make a few mistakes.

If you need any help with anything don't hesitate to ask for help. I myself will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Here's to hoping you enjoy your stay here! Good hunting.
i'm one of the people you should watch out for. TRUST me on this one! *hides stash of furry hanti and nukeular arms* you saw NOTHING!
*Knocks out Darkstar* Yeah, Darkstar's the noob of the forum. We mostly ignore him and throw things at him when he gets too antsy.

*Giant shadow of an Owl appears overhead* Erm... ignore that.

At either rate, enjoy your stay at RERN! And it's "Nuclear", Darkstar.

Okkay, anyways thanks, and how did you get the list in your sig?? anyways yay great to be here im going to try somehting: [spoiler=ha if you read this then youre awesome...][/SPOILER]

never mind you have no spoilers!
Yeah, that's not one of our tags.

Well, Welcome to RERN is all I can say, hope you enjoy yourself and have much fun.
thanks anyway how did darkstar do that in his sig?
<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description"> (Put Information here)
<option value="xxx"> (Put Information here.)
<option value="xxx"> (Put information here)
<option value="xxx"> (Put information here)
<option value="xxx"> (Put information here)
<option value="xxx"> (Put information here.)
<option value="xxx"> (put information here.)


okay thanks...
that's the more complicated version, here's the simple one.


<Option>*put info here*

Hello person that at least appears literate. That's a good thing, by the way.

I...am LordHothead, maker of bad puns, resident jazz musician (like playing it. Listening to it...not so much), and probably the biggest metalhead on the site.

HIGHLIGHT! (Also, this is the closest thing to spoilers we have.)
Hi, I'm Shuryou. I'm an asshole. Avoid me and you'll do fine here. Cheers.
he's the pervert around here, might want to avoid him if at all posible.
And avoid getting under Darkstar's bu--*shot*
*puts away shotgun* me thinks you shoud shut it before i hurt you worse.