Stealthy Return

Unfortunately, my period without internet access has subsided, allowing me once again the liberty to plague this board.

I'd like to extend an apology to Zanallen, Albel, AimMan and Skyrender whom I believe I have held up in my relatively unannounced leave.

: D

Welcome back, Zal.
Great to have you back. It's been quite some time since I've detected the wit. : D

Your mom's been well while you were gone.
Good to see you back, don't worry about it, no harm done. I'm actually sorry you ended up deleted, but that was actually really tame compared to some things that the others wanted to do XD
I believe I was promised STEALTH here. This is bogus. >:0
You need, at least, a box to hide yourself under...

And welcome back. We missed your noir.
: D


...oh god, I gotta Real World Triggerman. D: [runs off to art thread]