Gone for longer

Well shit. My net is out for long, and I dont know when it will be back, so for now, I could be gone from a month to a year. <_<

Sayonara for now!

1 month to 1 year?!?

Holeeeeee shiiiiiit!

Come back soon!
NOOOOOOO!!!!! come back soon.....i have a battle axe with your name on it.
Hm. I'd say a year is ballparking it a bit high. A month to two months would be closer to the actual figure; it can't take a year, unless arrangements for a new internet are held off for the next ten or eleven months.
Anyway, best of luck.
Well, Its not the fact that it is out, but the fact that my mom cant pay for it. We are poor as Kenny. BUT FEAR NOT! There is a 50/50 chance that I get it on Monday! Maybe 75/25. I dunno. But for now, I wont be around.

P.S: Where is the chat?
See that topic in General La-de-da marked "RN Chat, Radio, and Frappr?" There. Chatbot's sig.
If that doesn't work, you can just view Chatbot's profile. The chat will apear in the box marked "signature."
I wondered where you were, Kujajin. I thought you had left the forum. o.o

Either way, good to see you return.
... a year?


Anyway, yeah, I never even noticed you come back, if you did... well, hope everything works out internet wise.