Damn right, I'm back!

Well, the basketball season is coming to a close. That means a crapload of freetime for me, and no where to spend it! And so I've come back to this fine forum.

So... what happened to the old board? Did Nal go Cestus on us or something?
No. Nal went NAL on us.

I'm too lazy to post a link to the thread explaining all. Anyone else care to do it?

And welcome back, KS. YOU ARE TEH WELCOMAGED!

Holy Crap, its a terrorist attack! Orange Alert! ORANGE ALERT!!

They are launching Kamikaze_Squirrels at us! The Alert is now Amber!!

Great to have you back, though. Make yourself a new character, or your old character, and enjoy RE:RN's RP environment!
Neat to see you back, Kamikaze Squirrel. It seems like a lot of members are suddenly showing up now.

It's a good thing. [/Martha Stewart]
HORAY! KILL ALL HUMANS!! will you not join me? anyways....KS.....nal got all pissy when the mods would not make him an admin again....so he throws a HUGE tempertantrum when the mods mad another bord just to be on the safe side....anyways....nall goes and bees a bastard and shuts the site down....deleteing ALL the stuff we had on there....i STILL want to take a knife to him and cut open him and GUT HIM LIKE A GODDAMN FISH!
Alrighty, then. I guess that would make it time to start from scratch. Off I go to make a new Navi!

Oh, and I found the thread explaining the whole ordeal. No need to post a link.
Kame! -hug-
Missed you, man!
No Stingman? No Beeman? D:
And welcome back. I remember you. :0