To whom it may concern...

Two bad things are happening and already happened respectively.

1. It's time to go back to school. Because I'm entering with new drive this semester (and trust me, I need it), I'm not likely to be on for anything more than one or two posts a day, probably only where I'm needed.

2. The tablet's cord is broken, rendering it unusable. So no more drawings for a little while.

Damn.... That stinks. I remeber when I first joined RECN, it was last summer. Once I got into 7th grade, I really had to adapt. I hope to be seeing you, and your awesome drawings, soon.
No! Amy!
... I'll miss you, man. Do well in school so you can slack off once in a while and come join us, ah?
Amy? I like that.

Anyway, I've got the same situation, but apparently not the same work ethic.
And of course you'll realize that all of this applies to me as well, being Aim's twin brother. Except that I think the tablet cord might be fixable.

I wish I could say my activity wasn't going to change, but I know for certain that if nothing changes, I'm doing something wrong. I hope to see you guys around as much as I can squeeze in, all the same.


School is for fools! Join us forever! XD

Nah. Do well and stuff. I'm here a lot, but that's mostly because I'm lazy, and I'
m taking some cake courses this semester. (Basic Computer Skills XD)
? ?

I didn't know they were twins...

Meh. Post when possible. Have a [sarcastic]happy[/sarcastic] semester.
Yup. Identical twins.

Thanks for the wishes, but this isn't a semester... this is probably like the the rest of this year and up to the summer of the next.

T_T... only 5 hours till the day ends...
Heat and Aim.


[weeps in angst-corner]

Boogey on back on the double now, you two.
Pfft...Identical twins, yeah right. I figured out long ago that you two are actually the same person posting on two different accounts with two different computers.

Anyway, see ya around. Hope you come back soon so that I can corrupt your Navi.
I'm going to create a kingdom out of Ohio, Michigan, and Pensylvania. After that I will use the people in the cities to unify the US.

You two are part of my plan. I need officers.

We need the brother of justice, and the brother of math.
I am the brother of vitrtue, Shuryou is the brother of pleasantries. (which means you give us things that make us feel good.)

I need my men to be attentive. The kingdom of Dom will not be destroyed by the mere attempts of awayness.