August Contest Voting.

Yar... vote.
Yeah, yeah, I voted for mine as well as Pally's and Kazu's. Sue me.

But I think if it wins it needs a good renaming. I suck at names.
Dienamite/mo/boom/nuke (mine)

Gigas/Titan/Gods Hand (Pally's)

Glitchorb 1/2/3 (P.A's)

Those are my votes.
How long will voting last, and will more than one viri be used?
August, AUGUST
Yo! Attention Lazy Admin! It's October! OCTOBER! WHY IS THE AUGUST CONTEST STILL UP?!?!?

Also, we need a new Halloween themed contest. Get ta workin' ya lazy bums!
It looks like August is over... and September. I can't wait for the Gigas to join the ranks of the virus menace, and I definately can't wait for a Halloween-themed contest!
*dies of waiting*
Told ya I couldn't wait. XD
It's ridiculously late, but closed.

We'll post an announcement with the winners within the week, or you can all kill um... erm.... someone.