Jack Magi and Freya.EXE WIP

Name: Jack Magi
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jack generally dresses in clothing that accentuates his personality, his pants being mostly slacks and dress pants, are colored black, while he wears white dress shirts and black lather shoes to complete the outfit. Being somewhat tall, he is about 6'7 and weighing in at around 190 pounds, his is tall but average in his build. He is a redhead who's hair is short and well kept while his eyes are a "sparkling" sea blue color, his skin tone is white and pasty while he has a small ruby colored ring on his left pinky finger.
Personality: Being of sound mind, Jack is quite out spoken and open with people as he tends to be more social than his navi and tends to do things more on his own if he can. Even with his general personality, he's learned to keep his voice and his out spokeness down due to his job as a performance magician/puppeteer and the children he performs for on a weekly basis. He can also be kind of a klutz at times, breaking all manner of dishes, loosing track of time and being late and the like due to his poor sense of balance and time.
PET Modifications: the PET is protected by a black casing with enough space to allow for a little magician hit keychain to dangle from the side of it. The actual PET has no real customization except for a brown colored pattern resembling the bark of a tree.

Name: Freya.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Freya for all intensive purposes is a living wooden puppet who's arms and legs are floating, seperated, from her torso, allowing her to attack with her limbs, though they are still connected by a magnetic force from within her torso where the recesses of the shoulders and theighs should be. Her body is, well, made of wood from the net, her entire body is a dark brown and the only real addition on her wooden body is her navi crest, shaped like a tree branch, is planted on the middle of her torso and on the backs of her hands. Her height is that of an average human adult, about 4 feet and 7 inches high, while her weight is about 110 pounds, Light even by navi standards, and the only feature her face has is her "eyes" that are more or less carved into her head, and has been hollowed out.
Personality: Freya generally doesn't speak much, chosing not to waste words on combat and more to those who she busts with, or her netop, but when she does speak, it's more of an echo from her core data forming the words. When she speaks, she is generally strieght forward in her speach, be it critisism, anger towards her comrades or happiness, in addition, she will be as blunt as she possibly can. During battles, she tends to shy away from the enemy due to her next to no close range capabilities she make sure that she's at least one arm length away from them at all times.
Custom Weapon: Her arms and legs are her custom weapons, be it throwing them at the enemy like a boomerang or attacking with the guns in the palm of her hands or cannons hidden in her shoulders and knees.
Signature Attacks
Wooden Shot: Freya imbues her next attack with the wood element with extra data, allowing her to make the attack wooden for the most part. (Imbue Wood, 20 points, 1TCD)
Glitch Aim: Freya takes in bugs from the surrounding area, taking aim at the enemy and shooting them with the glitched shot, glitching and damaging the enemy upon hit. (20 damage+Glitch1, 40 points, 1TCD)

Also, I wish to transfer my Chips and Upgrades to these two via pulling an excuse to do so out of my ass.

Jack and Kedamono kind of worked together at the Yoka Zoo and became good friends after a while, while she stuck to tending to the various animals, Jack was a performer on the weekends and over about a year or so they got to gradually know each other and soon, jack became one of Kedamono's few close friends. After the Incident with Koumori and Yukika offering to become her new navi, Kedamono decided to, for the most part, leave the zoo to persue getting Koumori back from her family, and wanting to start over and train the right way, she gives Jack her upgrades and chips to help him further his own netbattling career and take what he had began with before disapearing to Sharo.

My upgrades
Process Upgrades:4
HP ups:1
NC ups:0
Speed ups:1/3
sub up:0/4
Buster UP: 1/12

Rageclaw1(40 slashing/20 impact)(X2)
Recover10 (+10 HP to target)
Guard1(block 1 attack and reflect for up to 60)
Sword (80+slashing)
TankCannon1 (80 to one or three w/ acc reduction)
Fireburn1 (50 fire+line attack to 3 enemies)
Dash (90+impact, deals damage to 5 enemies in a line)
Wideshot1 (60+wide attack, aqua)
Fire Knife (60+slashing, fire)
Pulsar1 (70+object splash to 8 for half damage)
Rageclaw2 (70 slashing/45 impact)
Recover30 (+30 HP to target)
Magbomb1 (30, elec, blast2, stun)

Level: 8

Buster Stats
Attack: 1
Rapid: 2
Charge: 1
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