New Navi Time

Shelving Ship and Lyn, trying out a new Navi / Op pair. I'll add the sig stuff to the old pair's sheets after approval.


Operator: Bruce Shiner
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bruce is a tall man with an athletic build obtained through training. His muscle is lean and his shoulders are thin. His tapering jawline suggests how thin he'd be without his work to bulk himself up. He has sandy blonde, almost brown hair that always seems frazzled on his head, although he often wears a simple cap to cover it up. His eyes, an almost colorless green, are set in a naturally sad way that doesn't seem to match his natural grin. His slightly large nose and almost constant stubble offsets what many would find to be an otherwise quite attractive face. He sometimes wears large, dark shades, but mostly only if the sun calls for it. His typical dress is a brown bomber jacket lined with dark fur, underneath which is a plain t-shirt. He wears jeans he considers stylishly faded and mussed... in a Hollywood or model way, he claims, though some might see it as teenagerish. He frequently has multiple bandages on his body, although the only visible ones tend to be on his face. A bandage across the bridge of his nose is not uncommon.

Personality: Bruce lives a generally laid-back life. He is fearless and naïve. He tends to prioritize his own interests, usually due to a lack of consideration born from his concentration in his own world. He has a good sense of humor, but often fails to read the atmosphere. Bruce prefers to focus on one thing and do it well. He is happy to put a lot of time and effort into both major and minor undertakings, but can't handle too many tasks or too much pressure at once. He tends to celebrate his victories and fails to learn from his failures. His outlook is that both humans and Navis have unlimited potential within their own design, and that circumstances are never an excuse to not go all-out. He avoids conflict, but enjoys friendly competition.

PET Modifications: Bruce's PET was once bright red, but the color has faded to almost pink. The PET has no intentional modifications, but a lifetime of dents and cuts across its surface.


Name: Dare.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Type: Speed

Dare stands at a height of almost exactly six feet, with dark skin and an athletic build. Her measurements are glamorous, and her carnelian red Navi suit does little to hide them. Her black hair is frizzy and fans out from behind, ending above her shoulders. No bangs obscure her forehead. She normally wears large red shades a bit brighter in color than her Navi suit, but has sharp, dark eyes behind them. She has full lips that are normally curved into a smile and painted dark red with lipstick. Her eyebrows are sharp, dark, and thin, and since her eyes are normally hidden these are usually what displays her expressions.

Above her Navi suit, Dare wears a black, long sleeved biker jacket, the neck open low enough to display cleavage. A flame-patterned star design covers most of the back. She has sleek black fingerless gloves and tall boots, both over the suit. The boots have what look like flashy chrome exhaust pipes angled up and out from the sides near the back. Her symbol is displayed on the round buckle of her black belt and on her chrome earguards: a diagonal strip along a black background, split into jagged colors of red, orange, and yellow.

When entering battle, Dare typically throws aside her shades, which vanish in a burst of flames. Similar flames form a jet black motorcycle helmet around her head, the flames themselves seeming to linger a moment before the face until they crystallize into a dark red face shield. Her pipes on her boots leave trails of flame where she walks.

Dare has a bright and naturally outgoing personality. Like her operator, her outlook is fearless and she tends to look before she leaps. She goes to great efforts to remain constantly positive, and sometimes interprets situations of conflict as friendly competition. She seems to be thickheaded to most concepts other than competition, but this is usually just because she doesn't find them as interesting. She likes to tease others, but her single-minded pursuit actually makes her easy to manipulate. Her behavior in winning actually tends to be sportsmanlier than that of her operator. She takes her losses harder and tries to analyze and learn from them.

Custom Weapon:
Dare can form a large chrome-metal buster gun around her right arm, which she then uses to fire embers of flame at opponents. Charging the buster causes it to fire a large ball of flame instead, which releases from her gun with an engine roar and pop.

Signature Attacks:
Trail Blazer: Dare dashes forward, propelled by fire, and attempts to burn the enemy. She likes to add flourishes like spins, punches, or kicks to this maneuver, and particularly enjoys using it to deal the finishing blow on an opponent. Besides its combat uses, it works semi-effectively when she simply needs to move faster. [Movement x 2, 20 FIRE Melee damage] [(20 x 2) + (20)]

NCP Choice: HP+50
*collects this rare registration as a trophy*

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
Dare and Ship are level 5 combined, I don't even need Teethman's levels to qualify for dual pair. Hadn't realized that.

That said, I'd like to unshelve Lyn and Ship as my second active pair.
Well, that's a surprise. Approved, but you might want to plug up the leaks in her hull before you set her out to sea again.
If possible, I'd like to put up this reg thread and get it approved for a third simultaneous Navi. Lyn and Ship.EXE are currently buying three HP upgrades, which will put them at level 8. Dare is 5 and Teethman is 7, meaning that they will be 20 altogether when the transaction goes through.

I won't use the Navi until the shop mod is done and it's legal, but I'd like to go ahead and get it approved, if possible, to keep the train rolling.

Operator: Jacqueline (Jacky) Newman
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Although Jacky lives in Electopia, her mother's half of the family originally hailed from Yumland, and it is from this half that she retains most of her physical traits. Jacky stands at about 5'-7" tall, with slightly tan skin and a slender figure. Her hair, a very dark brown, is normally done back in a plain ponytail for convenience. This style reveals her forehead, which is somewhat small, owing to the round shape of her head. Her eyes are very dark and her eyelids naturally heavy, with carefully managed eyebrows that are very rarely out of an expressive of pensive consideration. Her nose and lips are notably thin. Her regular expression is a consistent frown, of the sort that makes parents warn about faces getting stuck. Her eyes are normally hidden behind thick, squared glasses with dark rims.

Jacky does quite a lot of lab work, and she is most often found wearing her white lab coat. On the off chance that she is not, she often wears clothes in bland colors. She tends to favor turtlenecks and pants over any kind of dress, although she knows how to clean up when necessary.

Personality: Jacky's personality could be called utilitarian to the point of robotic. She tends to set goals and work towards them independently, rarely bothering to tell anyone what she's trying to accomplish. Her primary interest is acquiring new knowledge. She is academically gifted, but exceptionally physically weak.

Jacky is the type who is nearly incapable of telling a joke or recognizing humor, but it isn't true that she has no feelings or personality. She tends to keep it buried deep down, however, believing that doing so allows her to view life more objectively. She recognizes and typically yields to codes of ethics, but is perfectly willing to waive them if necessary to achieve her goals. She believes she is not interested in making friends, but can often be found observing others from the outside. Unbeknownst to her, she is attracted to creative people and their pursuits, having little affinity to learn about such things herself. She does not intentionally look down on others, but her inability to connect with other people paired with her interests in conversation often make it appear that way.

PET Modifications: Jacky's PET is a completely plain laboratory-white color. The fact that it shows no signs of misuse with such a color is impressive. It connects to the Net without a wire.


Name: Hyde.EXE / HYDE.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Recovery

Hyde stands at about 5'-6", although she can appear taller due to her dark purple Victorian-style top hat, which measures in at an additional 6.5". The hat normally rests atop her black metal earguards. Beneath the top hat, Hyde's dark brown hair is pulled into a strange shape, as though someone had first combed it and then intentionally mussed all the ends. It would be about shoulder length, but is curled up and styled in the upward direction in most places, keeping it from reaching the shoulders. Most of her forehead is visible, save for two locks that always hang at the center. Her eyes are dark and intellectual, and her long eyelashes are attractive, but otherwise she could be said to have a rather plain face. In fact, her dark eyebrows are extraordinarily thick for a woman. The other slightly off-putting element might be her mouth: while her lips are painted dark, a strange choice for her initial character, it helps if she doesn't part them too often. To do so is to display an alarming set of teeth, a bit too large at the top row and with fanged incisors.

The Navi's body structure is curvy, with a level of fat closer to full-figured than thin. It would be hard to call her toned or flabby: her appearance is more or less a healthy middle. Her bust size is well above average. Hyde tends to stand almost ramrod straight, so seeing her slouch can be a tip-off as to when she's changed.

Typically, the Navi wears a dark purple cape, capable of encircling almost from shoulder to toe when drawn. It is joined in the middle by the Navi's emblem: it depicts a deep blue beaker in a circle of white at the bottom left, which gradually darkens to a ring of black at the upper right edge. Beneath this, she wears what could generously be called a jacket. The sleeves are like that of a regular coat, with arms all the way to the wrist. The actual torso of the jacket, however, is so small and tight that it can be secured by no more than a single button at the middle, and stops above the ribcage. The jacket has a grand collar, the inside of which reveals that the jacket is lined with dark red velvet. Beneath this jacket, the Navi has deep red suspenders, which run to support dark violet short-shorts that form the lower half of her costume. The shorts have a deep red belt to secure two items at her side: one is a small black medicine bag, while the other appears to be a brown whiskey flask. Her shoes are dark purple and appear to be classic Victorian-styled high heeled boots, with buttons up along the length of one side of the front.

Beneath all this, Hyde wears a Navi suit of multiple parts. The main portion is a sleeveless one-piece, which has a small black zipper down the middle and continues up most of the neck. It has the design of a small black tie at the neck. Above the belly, the zipper stops and the shirt begins to taper away towards the sides, ending it in two thin flaps with black buckles at the sides. These are designed to lock into matching buckles on the bikini briefs she wears below her shorts. The tall stocking she wears, which have a pattern of black and white horizontal bars along their length, are made of the same Navisuit material, as are her short gloves.

When HYDE appears, the Navi's eyes become subtly brighter, almost orange.

Hyde, at least on the surface, appears to have a very narrow range of emotions. That said, she is actually deeply empathetic, and feels compelled to help out other Navis in any way she can. She could be described as "selfless" in a good light, or "a bore" in another. She is naturally curious and knowledge-hungry, and would far rather learn about or talk about someone else and their problems, rather than dwell on her own. Without realizing it, she often messes with her own hat or slips herself draughts from her flask.

HYDE, an alternate personality that appears to surface when Hyde drinks from her flask or the hat on her head is tilted, is more difficult to finger the personality of. The only certain personality trait is that she likes messing with people. The more she is supposed to respect the person, the more she feels compelled to throw wrenches into their plans. She is a talented actor, and most who've studied her (most don't choose to for long) tend to learn that anything like a concrete personality they've tied down is a ruse, meant to be broken at a time of HYDE's choosing for a cheap laugh. Her favorite forms of humor are crude, bawdy, and slapstick. She doesn't appear to have boundaries of morality or decency, and will do nearly anything to get a rise. That said, she is the type who is more likely to kick someone in the balls than put a gun to their head and pull the trigger.

While Hyde has no memory of HYDE's actions, she is aware of them at least on some level due to the aftereffects and the stories people tell, but she seems to have a number of mental blocks in place that keep her from thinking too hard about certain aspects of herself, particularly ones related to HYDE. She is able to overcome it, occasionally, with pre-meditated focus or intense concentration.

Custom Weapon:
Hyde normally fights with a black cane she is prone to carry around. It has a simple, round iron ornament on the end, and is primarily used for bashing enemies. She is also capable of thrusting with great speed and force, which also allows her to fire needle-like blasts from its end. The energy with which she does so suits HYDE perfectly, but looks something like demon possession if performed by Hyde.

Signature Attacks:
Horror of the Spirit: Hyde produces her bubbling concoction in its flask, takes a draw, and spits it all over the opponent. While doing so appears to rejuvenate her, it has been confirmed in testing that the amount of rejuvenation actually has to do with how much injury she causes the opponent, and has nothing to do with healing properties of the liquid itself. (30 Drain + AQUA, 60 sig points) [60/60 points used]

NCP Choice: Shield
Chip Choice: MaruBlaster1
I made operator edits and the pair is, hopefully, good to go. I still haven't been modded in the shop, but I'd appreciate the review all the same.
Having three active pairs, I am going to shelve Ship for now to bring out a new one. Please let me know if there's any issues.


Name: Kelsy Porter

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kelsy is a woman of mixed Electopian and Netopian descent, average of height and fit in build. She typically keeps her brown hair in a short bob with nearly flat front bangs, kept meticulously trimmed to maintain its appearance. Her face is slightly round, with dark, almond-shaped eyes, trimmed eyebrows, and a resting smile on lightly painted lips. Her eyes are normally obscured by rectangular, rimless glasses.
Kelsy’s outfit varies according to her tasks for the day, and she is known to keep multiple in her office to change in the same day. Most of her meetings are accomplished in a grey pantsuit with a thin black belt, a white button-up beneath, and smart black heels. On the other hand, when she is exercising (which is frequently, even in her office) she is normally found with black sweatpants and a plain grey sports bra, and white athletic sneakers. All of her outfits seem to fit her perfectly and show of her well-kept figure. Although her outfits are typically conservative, her hips and legs can turn heads.
Despite her obsession with the Trials of Tutoria gaming series, she owns very little memorabilia related to it, and the only part of her fandom she wears is quite literally on her sleeve: an expensive silver watch which was actually a collector’s item, bearing a metallic black representation of the hero in his block 8-bit form behind the glass and watch hands.

Personality: Most know Kelsy as an unknowable force, a whirlwind that blows through the office managing managers at her company, Living Legend (LiveLeg) Software. She is the type to shake hands, learn names, and remember all those hands and names. She is a comfortable communicator, diligent, and an incredibly hard worker, things which have enabled her to carve out a wedge of the video game market for her company and keep it there, to the point where its indie focus has necessarily shifted to mainstream to keep up with a ravenous audience. Nonetheless, she is consistently up to the challenge, a seemingly endless well of energy, creativity, and capability.
That said, while Kelsy aims to be friendly with everyone, she has few true, close connections, and all of her employees know her as a boss first and a friend second. Because she makes decisions quickly and doesn’t share every aspect of her thinking, many employees live in secret fear of having a last-minute project “she knows they can handle” dropped on their desk. She is used to dealing with people who can match her outward enthusiasm and work ethic, and expects as much from everyone.
Kelsy’s second most defining trait is one few actually know of: her immense fandom of the Trials of Tutoria classic role-playing game series. Most moments she spends not working, working out, eating, or sleeping are spent on her interaction with the games or nerding out with the fan community. It isn’t as though she denies her fandom, but she tends to downplay it, believing that giving a window into just how deeply she cares for the series would make her appear less stable or less professional. Though she doesn’t acknowledge it, another reason is that she feels she must keep that aspect of her life separate from the work, lest she taint the purity and enjoyment of her hobby by mixing it with her daily grind. When she does have the chance to talk on her favorite hobby, sometimes she can’t help but let her enthusiasm spill out.

PET Modifications: Kelsy’s PET is a cutting edge model, bright silver and displaying the LiveLeg logo on the back, and utilizing a wireless connection. She appreciates the retro models more, but the secret pleasure of having the hero of Trials of Titania living inside her PET makes the disappointment bearable.



Name: QuestMan.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: QuestMan has a relatively simple appearance for a customized Navi: he is modeled as a young man of average height and build, clad in a blue-green Navi-suit with little in the way of decoration or adornment besides a darker blue pattern in the shape of a vest at the chest, a bit past the wrists out, and a bit over the feet down. All of those adornments are covered by a simple brown sleeveless tunic, ending a short bit below the waist and bound by laced stitches at the neck, as well as short brown gloves and boots, all of thick and clumpy brown material like leather. Among all this, perhaps his only stand-out feature is a brown, wooden helmet he wears, featuring two curved ivory horns, although one is broken off about halfway from where the tip would otherwise be. The helmet features iron binding with rivets, including a portion which travels down to guard the bridge of the nose, two iron ear-guards, and a chin strap. On his ear-guards, his Navi symbol can be seen, a golden hilt of a sword with a purple gem at the center on a dark blue background. He also normally wears a hide belt with a pouch on his right hip and a dark sheath on his left. Both, notably, are empty.

The helmet does not cover the entire back of the head, so his rough blue-black hair can be seen around the edges, ending just over the back of his neck. His ethnicity is a non-descript mix of Electopian and Netopian features, fair skinned but with a bit of an outdoors tan. His facial features are somewhat plain, but young and unblemished, with intense features belied a bit by his wide and easy grin.

Personality: QuestMan is modeled on the hero of [operator’s] favorite video game series, Trial of Tutoria, a classic fantasy role-playing game. He is programmed with an understanding that he is to fit that role. As such, he does his best to play a plucky, do-gooding, hot-blooded hero with a can-do spirit. Truth be told, QuestMan often has doubts about his own ability, and can be plagued by negative emotions or impulses as much as anybody else. To the maximum extent possible, he tries to quash those and keep them to himself: he is a hero first and an impulsive young man second. He likes to show off and won’t miss any opportunity to demonstrate his abilities, but hates to admit there is anything he can’t do.
Because he was also programmed to handle Kelsy’s day to day operations (although he normally does this unseen, as his actual basis is intended to remain a secret), he is surprisingly adept at handling the technical aspects required of a Navi and the deeply complex operations of LiveLeg Software. In fact, he is a natural hand at all sorts of tasks and chores. Less charitably, he is the type of Navi who can hardly ever say “no” when given a task. He has been programmed with very little in the way of personal hobbies, legitimately taking pleasure in jobs well done or daily training, and thus is consistently out of his element when faced with the situations most would consider leisure or downtime.

Background: QuestMan was created as an homage to Kelsy’s favorite series, Trials of Tutoria, on a relatively recent impulse, made possible by a hefty sum and a backroom deal with the creator of the series. The Navi now handles of her day-to-day planning and serves as a user interface for her to interact with the business’s computers. In what she considers a stroke of genius, Kelsy modeled QuestMan based on her interpretation of the level 1 hero from the very first game, before the series became big, something QuestMan will probably always regret but has already learned never to complain about. This means QuestMan does not have access to any of the tools his character is famous for and only vaguely matches the appearance anyone would recognize. As such, the Navi eagerly submits himself to his operator’s whims, doing whatever it takes to gain strength and repair his legendary demon blade.

Custom Weapon: QuestMan fights with his broken demon saber, Maguffr. Without projecting any energy, the blade is basically a misshapen golden knife with an overqualified misty purple gemstone, and watching him fight with it can be cringe-inducing. The demon blade occasionally speaks to him, but is only programmed with a basic personality and rarely has much useful to say. This basic programming actually makes the blade a bit more level-headed than its wielder, and Maguffr will sometimes deliver unvarnished opinions QuestMan keeps to himself.

Starting Set: HeatShot x1, HP +50 x1

Sig Attacks (80/80):

SLASH: A burst of golden energy projects from Maguffr’s hilt as its gemstone flashes, allowing QuestMan to briefly tap into its power and deliver a slash with the sword at its full length.
60 Null Slashing Melee attack, 60 points, 2 TCD

EQUIP SHIELD: QuestMan equips a “sturdy” oak shield, a fancy way of saying he has strapped some chopped lumber together and wields it in a desperate bid to block an attack. As much pride as QuestMan takes in his craftsmanship, this defense is makeshift, and can only take one hit before it has to be repaired.
1-hit Shield, 20 points, 1 TCD
Approval has been bestowed upon you, young adventurer!