Chuck Greene & RiderMan.EXE

((To replace John and KaijuMan as my 2nd team))

Name: Charles "Chuck" Greene

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance: Chuck stands at a respectable 6'1", and weighs in at around 180lbs. His black hair is still quite short, but he almost always has a pretty bad case of "bed head." His eyebrows are as dark as his hair, and do a good job bringing out the green in his eyes. His face is slightly puffy and swollen, with bandages over his right cheek, and butterfly bandages over his right eyebrow. Though he absolutely hates it, his only article of clothing is a sky blue medical gown. Both of his legs are in casts and braces, as well as his left arm. Under his gown are bandages on his left side to support several broken ribs. All in all, he's in a rather sad state, and not very mobile save for his right arm.

Personality/Background: He was a typical college student, riding his parent's gravy train and his customized Yamazuki Ronin superbike. He was on top of the world, cruising through a business degree with aspirations to either race his way to fame and fortune, or fall back on his own bike design business. He thought he had his ducks in a row, and faced the future with a confident smirk.

That is, until a run in with a city bus gave him a reality check. When the smoke cleared, he was sprawled out on the pavement with a broken femur, shin, forearm and collarbone, several ribs, and cuts all over while he slowly lost consciousness as he lay amongst the debris field that used to be his pride and joy.

He was lucky to have lived through it, but he quickly found himself stuck to the confines of his bed, and the doctors say it'll be months until he heals up enough to walk again, if at all. Unsurprisingly he was hit rather hard, and fell into depression. He didn't want to talk to anyone, and whatever they could get out of him were words of regret. He would just lay in his bed, either sleeping or just staring out the window. His friends and classmates noticed this, and tried to help shake him out of his rut; therapy takes a lot of motivation to do, and at the time he wasn't motivated to even carry a conversation.

Enter RiderMan.EXE, a gift from his roommate, designed from one of their professors and paid for by his friends. Chuck enjoyed watching Super Rider shows as a child, and of course loved bikes, so they thought a combination of both in the form of a motivated, optimistic Navi would strike a chord. It seemed to work, though Chuck was reluctant to accept the gift, he appeared to be coming back out of his shell.

PET: His PET is a newer model, with a brighter screen and a light-weight body with a black casing. Stretching vertically over the buttons off to the side of the screen is a candy apple red stripe with a silver streak down the center.

Name: RiderMan.EXE

Element/Subtype: Normal/Melee

Physical Description: RiderMan is approximately 6" tall with a fairly thin frame, weighing only around 150lbs or so. His body is covered in a pitch black skin suit, which appears to have the texture of a leather material everywhere other than his neck, where it has a much lighter and flexible material. RiderMan's head is encased in a red and silver helmet, based off a dirtbike helmet design, with the majority of the helmet being silver, while a pair of red racing stripes curve over the top of the helmet, and flare out into the "jaw" of the helmet and bracket the "chin piece" area. Instead of a brim-like visor like standard dirtbike helmets, it has a transparent blue superbike windshield fastened to the front, but can slide up and out of the way if needed.

Beneath the windshield is RiderMan's "face" which still appears to be a part of a helmet. There is a single bright yellow eyepiece over where his eyes should be, and it's shaped very similarly to a Cyclops-style motorcycle headlight (a circular center with two pointed spikes extending out to the sides, and angled slightly upward). With the windshield down, his visor appears to glow green due to its blue tint. RiderMan's helmet is supported by what appear to be a pair of tiny fork suspension shocks, tracing the path of where his jugular arteries would be.

These shocks are attached to RiderMan's very angular red and silver chest armor. It comes out like a wedge in the center, but it also has a pair of black-finned vents on either side pointing straight up, hinting his upper body is actually designed to be facing parallel to the ground. The chest armor smoothly comes to a sharp point just above his bellybutton, where 6 chrome exhaust pipes emerge from his abdomen and extend out to the sides and curve around his body, looking like abdominal muscles. The three pipes on each side merge into one larger muffler, which extends diagonally downward behind him.

His forearms and thighs have a red racing stripe down the side seam, and travel down to the large wheels (split down the center vertically) where his forearms and lower legs/feet would be. The change from arm to wheel is nearly seamless, and how they're attached is essentially unknown. The flat black tires of these wheels appear to be split into 8 panels, which partially slide away to reveal RiderMan's hands, or fold outwards to create feet for the Navi to stand on.

If it isn't already obvious, RiderMan's design is inspired by motorcycles, and this design allows him to take a very motorcycle-like form. By putting his arms and legs together, the wheel halves merge into full wheels, and he can then cruise the network at a very high speed, with an impressive amount of maneuverability. However, his wheels do not have to be merged for them to be used. He can split his arms or legs apart and continue to drive along, giving him a more stable frame, but he sacrifices maneuverability and overall top speed due to wind resistance. He is also capable of rolling about while upright, legs merged or not.

Personality: Driven, outgoing, and optimistic, RiderMan is a foil to Chuck, but he only has the best intentions. Before he was given to Chuck, he was given a directive: bring Chuck out of his depression, and see to it that he recovers. He has accepted his mission whole-heartedly, and will work towards becoming his friend, before becoming his coach and possible disciplinarian. He is sometimes a bit goofy, and can crack a decent joke or pun once in a while to keep the spirits high.

In battle, RiderMan is confident and sometimes boistrous, trying to imitate some of Chuck's childhood heroes. He seems rather stubborn, and sometimes a bit dense, but his fiery courage outshines his flaws. He'll attack his targets with a righteous fury, and have some fun while doing it.

With others he's still a somewhat overbearing A++ personality, but he wants to make as many friends as he can. He believes the more friends they make on the net, the better Chuck would feel, and the faster he would recover. He has the confidence to show off and is very competitive, but his optimism shines brightly even in defeat, promising improvement and an eventual rematch.

Custom Weapon: His main form of attack is melee strikes with his wheels, but he can materialize a buster to strike from a distance.

Sig Attack: Wheel Bash
RiderMan closes in on his target before thwacking it with one of his tires. The attack isn't very strong, but it comes so suddenly it takes the foe a moment to figure out just what happened.
(Movement + 10dmg + Stun + 2TCD) [60pts]

Cannon x1
Shotgun x1
RageClaw1 x1
FireHit1 x1

NCP: Undershirt, HP+50

((Also, does anyone know if there were any hospitals in the MMBN series? If so, where were they located?))
There is a hospital in ACDC (RE:RN generated), and another at the Beach (MMBN3).

Approved, by the way.