Annie and Calamity


Name: Annie
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Background: Annie is an orphan girl. After passing through the local Foster care system for a few years, she ran away from an Electopian orphanage. She has been living on the streets ever since. Besides knowing how to dodge the local authorities, her most relied on survival tool is her PET and navi. They have been instrumental in acquiring what little funds she can "liberate" from local ATMs and other electronic storage devices to keep her fed and clothed. How Annie acquired the PET even she doesn't remember. She lives day to day and has forgotten most of her past.

Appearance: Annie is a skinny twig of a girl, standing at just over four and a half feet tall, with brown hair, a button nose, and large green eyes. She is just budding and has an almost flat chest. She is also scrawny in the hips. Her skin tone is Electopian. She wears a patchwork of a dress that consists of a blouse and skirt that hangs above the knees. Both garments have seen better days and they might be torn or dirty. Underneath the skirt she wears leggings that may cover down to her foot. The coloration and material may change as she buys or steals those items when the previous item is worn out. She is usually barefoot and her feet are bruised and calloused. When she can find shoes, they are usually little slips that she can run in.

Personality: Running and hiding from the law and Child Services, Annie is a mousy little girl that is overly cautious. She tries hard to keep out of sight or blend into a crowd. She is always on the move and prefers to be alone, but occasionally huddles with other homeless individuals and shanty towns. She is just another hardened victim of circumstance and does what she needs to survive, having no compulsions about stealing what she needs or wants. Though she does buy stuff with the cash she steals occasionally if she can afford it.

PET Modifications: Annie's PET is as small as a modern cellphone and attaches to her arm with straps. A lot of the time she has it concealed in the sleeves of her blouse. It has a camera of sorts, which she uses quite often to snap a photo of whatever catches her fancy at the time. And she stores the photos like little treasures, occasionally looking at them and dreaming.

Net Navigator

Name: Calamity
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Speed

Background: Once she was a part of a notorious hacking program. But because of a failed heist, she was abandoned on the mean streets of Internet City. Calamity is a guttersnipe and has lived off of begging and stealing. Her skills as a hacker have led her to take shelter in other peoples' PETs from time to time. Annie found Calamity in her PET one time, seeking shelter from viruses or the Net Police or something. But the two of them quickly saw potential in each other, and have been like sisters-in-crime ever since.

Appearance: Calamity has a fuller figure than Annie, being more like 21+ in age and appearance. Calamity is thin and athletic, with a musculature of a free runner. She is fairly average in height, coming at slightly above five and a half feet tall in human terms. She used to have golden-blonde hair and eyes as red as rubies, but she dyed her hair brown to match Annie's. She has small B-cup breasts, a firm stomach, and average hips. Her long legs are the most muscular part of her body, but she doesn't lack for strength in her arms for climbing. Unlike Annie, Calamity is Netopian. Like Annie, Calamity is usually dressed in ragged clothes. She usually wears subdued, earth tones. Annie uses the camera on her PET to take photos of herself so Calamity can dress herself to match, using the picture as a guide (altering her appearance only so much so as not to need a .GMO).

Personality: Calamity is aggressive, as she was a hacking program, but she is also quite jaded and sad. She has abandonment issues and has "sold" herself once or twice in order to survive tough times. After meeting and partnering up with Annie, Calamity has again found purpose in life. She treats Annie as a younger sister and attempts to keep Annie comfortable, supporting her emotionally and financially.

Custom Weapon: Calamity tries to avoid fighting, sticking to hit and run skirmishes. As such, she doesn't have much more than her hands and feet to fight with. Although she does also have a tiny dagger.

Zenny: 0
HP: 150
Level: 0
Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw, and Shotgun.
Key items: Annie's PET
Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt [10] and HP+50 [10]
Navicust points available: 20/40
Signature Attacks [60]: Running Slash: Acc: C [Melee Type Attack Attribute]; Movement + (20 Null Damage + Slashing) + Movement. [2 TCD]
The navi slashes the target with her small knife as she runs past.
I don't see any issues, so I'll call it good.

2nd Navi/NetOp Pair: APPROVED