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Name: Vitoldo Belleza
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Vitoldo stands at a solid 5'6, and weighs in at roughly 140 pounds. He is fairly pale, with silky blond hair flowing down to his shoulders and sapphire eyes. His attire typically consists of baggy clothing, often times bearing a certain sheen to them, but otherwise a fairly normal line-up of pants, sneakers, socks and a long-sleeved shirt. Usually wears colors such as purple, red and/or black, although where exactly these colors present themselves changes from day to day.

History/Personality: The son of a wealthy family from Netopia, Vitoldo resides rather comfortably in ACDC Town, and not without reason; his parents have always viewed him as a black sheep, lacking the prestige and dignity they perceived in their own minds. Vitoldo never really minded any of this, and was more than welcome to the idea of living afar to broaden his horizons. Lacking some of the common worries in life (particularly those of a financial nature), he is a fairly lax person, often times inadvertently portraying himself as a lazy teen.

In actuality, he is a rather consistent person with maintaining his belongings, although his appearances are often ignored in his daily routine, often creating a rather shabby-looking boy walking the streets. While he understands the concepts behind beauty and its impact on others, Vitoldo has always held a low priority on his albeit good looks, preferring to be recognized for other qualities he possesses. Wealth is another issue he is often adverse towards, particularly when it is shown off to stroke one's ego. Rather, all but the most essential of expenses(food, water, shelter, power) is spent with zenny earned through his personal work as a NetBattler.

PET Modifications: Vitoldo's PET is of a normal design, purple in color with a black trim. Attached is a keychain bearing his family emblem: a white rose, the chain a Stirling silver, with emerald leaves and diamond petals.

Net Navi
Name: Espino.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Sword

Appearance: This navi is of a fairly lean, muscular build, and stands relatively tall. He is designed in the form of a normal human, pale with flowing purple hair, tied back and extending down to his waist, with mid-length bangs in the front. His emblem lies in his solar-plexus, bearing the picture of a seed within, with thorny vine tattoos stretching out about his chest and wrapping around his left arm. around his waist is a sash, seeming bloodstained in its color.

His remaining attire consists of form-fitting pants and ballet-styled shoes, both black in color. One final piece of his attire is a ceramic mask borne over his face, white in color, with one eye slot revealing a crimson iris. Suspiciously, where the other eye slot should be, a black rose resides in full-bloom.

Personality: Espino, whose name means 'thorn' in Spanish, considers himself the very incarnation of beauty and its deadly grace. Narcissistic, arrogant and often times cruel, he only tolerates those of elegance, beauty or outstanding prowess. To him, all that is ugly in life merely exists to be slain in a most elegant manner for his own amusement, and that which he cannot destroy unveils a unique beauty in and of itself. His tolerance for unsightliness is all but entirely consumed by his relationship with Vitoldo, which he is often heard complaining about.

Despite their differences, the two of them get along well enough; Vitoldo works to improve Espino and provide him with the resources to remove any eyesores he comes across, while Espino provides a steady income in reciprocation.

Custom Weapon(s):

Melee: Garra del Sangre (Claw of Blood): Espino's Nails are suprisingly sharp, and make effective cutting weapons.

Ranged: Rosa de la Dolor (Rose of Pain): Thorns from Espino's tattoo sprout before firing toward a distant foe.

Signature Attack: Rosa de la Meurte (Rose of Death): Espino opens his hands as roses begin to sprout, grow and bloom from his palms. After crushing the flowers, he twirls about, launching forth toward a single foe. 40WoodDmg, 1TCD

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Starter Chip pack! Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, Rageclaw x1.
Starter NaviCust pack! Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1, Charge +1 x1.
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