Pirouette's Bayonet Cross

Pirouette is making friends. Sort of. It's business.

Pirouette's Bayonet Cross
Level 1 Cross

Visual and Personality Shifts:

Strangely enough, Pirouette doesn't undergo too much tangible personality shift when adopting this cross, although that may partially be because she is only taken to using it when she is already on police-oriented business, and her general demeanour and behaviour at such times is not too dissimilar from Bayonet's own conduct, in many ways. She does find it easier not to be distracted by her other innocent frivolities and vaguely romanticist thoughts while under the influence of this cross, as well as a keener interest in military tactics as a whole.

Visually, Pirouette adopts a cross form that is largely similar to her independent police uniform, though it gains red highlights on the dress shirt and blazer. Her hair shifts to a braid, rather than her usual pinned-back bun, and the blond tones go ever so slightly mousy. More subtle, but something that Pirouette herself notices with a small amount of consternation, is that the area across her chest feels somewhat tighter, and requiring of a little bit more restraint than she would prefer, an odd side effect of crossing with someone of such an extreme physical difference in that region. The only other difference is that her belt gains a double crossed mini-bandoleer about her hips, that is stocked with a series of small grenade-like projectiles, marked with a red cross and fitted with white feather fins.

Cross Signature (80/80):

Cease and Desist

In the line of duty, it is often required of conscientious officers to stop and detain criminal elements while striving to inflict no harm on them. To this end, Pirouette pulls one of the small grenade-likes from her hip bandoleer and releases it; rather than being thrown, however, the feathers lift out and a small spark starts, sending the capsule shooting towards her target much more in the manner of a self-propelled explosive. On impact, it bursts in a crackle of taser-like energy and a scatter of feathers that leave a broad red 'x' glowing across the target's body and stunning them briefly, as well as disabling their offence capabilities.

Effect: (Freeze, Stun, Shot-Type), 2TCD (80 Points)