Courser's Mime and Jailbird Crosses

Two more Cross registrations for Courser. Boy likes to get around, it seems.

CourseMan's MimeCross
Level 1 Cross

Visual and Personality Shifts:

The visual shifts for courser are only subtle when he adopts his cross with Mime; his eyes darken slightly towards black and his skin pales a little, creating more contrast. His outfit, too, shifts towards monochrome colours, though not entirely black or white, and the sliver hardware and highlights remain.

Personality-wise, course speaks less, but otherwise is every bit as expressive and genial as he normally is; he's far more apt to simply explain or dismiss things with simple expressions and gestures, if it's easy enough to do so, rather than his usual word play. He's slightly more apt to tease someone, in his usual flirtatious way, in this form.

Cross Signature (80/80):

What's That!?

Courser seems to be distracted for a moment, looking away from his target at something else. He peers off, then mimes a look of shock or surprise. There is nothing to see, but he acts like he's looking at something, one hand up to his brow as he follows the invisible object approaching. As his gaze returns to his target, they feel suddenly as though they've been hit by a run away train, and and forcefully thrown aside by a tremendous force, while course mimes expressions of surprise and concern in the target's direction.

Effect: (Microburst), 1TCD (40 Pool Points)

No Sale

Just as an attack is about to strike Courser, he raises a hand or two and mimes putting his fingers against the surface of an invisible wall, between him and the attack. Surprisingly, the attack strikes just such an invisible wall instead of him. It was probably there all along, right?

Effect: Trap (An Attack Hits Courser): (3-Hit Shield, RecoveryTime1 (Contributing only 20 points)), 2TCD (40 Pool Points, 20 Nerf Points)


CourseMan's JailbirdCross
Level 1 Cross

Visual and Personality Shifts:

Courser's visual aesthetic adopts a more pronounced mix of black and white, though it only extends to his clothing and leaves his skin, hair and eyes untouched. the neck of his shirt always seems to have one extra button undone in this cross form, in a teasing sort of way. His general actions and behaviour become more languid in this form, and he is more inclined to lean on things or rest against surfaces rather than stand straight. He generally seems lazier, or at the least unconcerned, but as usual this is mostly a colouration to his flirtation and charm, rather than genuine laziness; he gives off a sense of unconcerned relaxation, more than anything else.

Cross Signature (80/80):

Prison Shiv

Hidden by his more languid behaviour and body posture, Courser can pull a small shiv, crudely made and previously hidden on his person, to make deceptively quick and sudden motion to under-arm stab a target twice in quick succession, in a way that can cut through most other defences.

Effect: (20 x2Hits, Break, Nullify, Melee-Type), 2TCD (80 Points)