Asymptote/Vigil Crosses

Level 1 Vigil Cross
Type: Summon (Masterwork/Self Destruct)
Element: Normal
Benefits: 80 Cross Sig Points, +10 to Normal chips

Appearance: Asymptote's body begins to shrink down to about a good five feet tall, the navi undergoing a massive re-hauling of his frame. Muscle mass is lost to mere be "toned" instead of "monstrously buff", arms and legs shrinking down to accommodate for this mass shift, to the point even his generator disappears from his back entirely, seemingly sunk down into his body for the time being. Asymptote grows out hair from his head that reaches down to his shoulders, a metallic silver coloring that even has a bit of "reflective" properties to it. His body instead of being adorned with a loincloth made out of his navi suit, he wears a robe that matches the green and white of his original form, mimicking where the colors were at once upon a time, the robe reaching around his knees before splitting to either side on the front and dragging heavily in the back. His hands and arms are adorned with soft gloves that reach upwards to his elbows in this form, a black coloring to them as well as a pair of steel-toed boots that adorn his feet and reach up half-way to his knees, also black in color. Asymptote is then surrounded by a pair of floating eyes, red irises adorning their ball-like shape with small red tendrils floating behind them, seemingly freshly plucked from someone's head, blood dripping from them just the same. Finally, Asymptote wears a black visor that falls from the top of his head with a satisfying "ka-chunk" type of noise, seemingly obscuring his vision, but offering not only readings of his surroundings (by way of his newly summoned eyes on either side of him) but also offering combat data and additional points of view from any more eyes that he summons while in this form. Asymptote also grows more...pervasive? One could say, more willingly hitting on other navis, blurting out double entendre's without even batting an eye. His weapons take on an "eye" motif as well, summoning such as eyes to defend himself in the shape of a shield, irises to shoot out projectiles, and if he gets to attacking in melee range, he pulls out a pair of brass knuckles to "get to the point" in his own words.

Signature attack

Monster's Visonary: Asymptote summons eyeballs just the same as Vigil does in this form, the eyes looking similar to KillerEye viruses with a horror motif, and upon summon, Asymptote or an ally is given a take aim. This take aim happening because Asymptote can "allow" an ally to "peer" into the sight of a summoned eyeball momentarily to help them take aim at a virus without using an action if they allow for it. Otherwise it just gives them a targeting reticule in the back of their sights to help them target an enemy. (Passive 10 HP object, Upon summon, give self or ally Take Aim1) (10+10x4=80 Sig points)
Name: Asymptote Cross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Elec/Variable [Adaptive/Transform!]
Appearance: Vigil's body contorts and changes, adjusting itself as she grows. The long, flowing dress that she wears starts to deteriorate, scraps flying off in random directions as she changes, before the woman is left in what appears to be just a loincloth, giving view of what would have been her long supple legs, but her flesh is marred by dozens of eyes opening up from her flesh, staring in all directions, though the eyes themselves seem to match Asymptote's color schemes of green and white, the irises of these eyes almost peppermint striped in that style. The upper portion of her dress also breaks as she grows taller too, becoming very tightly strained across her chest as the material tears, leaving her abdomen bare, adorned with eyes similar to her legs.
Her arms elongate, becoming long and thin as they stretch and break the material of the cloth and become almost nightmarish in nature as the fingers themselves are nearly as long as her hands are now, all ending in needlesharp points, the remnants of her gloves acting almost as fingerless gloves, though being far more tattered and unruly. The headdress upon her brow changes as well, the purple becoming the green of Asymptote and gives a low 'hum' of electrical current being generated from it as it forms into something more of a crown or tiara, though it does well to still overshadow the top of the woman's face.

GMO1 Appearance: Similar in all fashions to above, however, the already light-weight outfit becomes even more revealing than above and bares much of her skin, wearing little more than what appears to be a thong on her lower half and a few shreds of cloth on her upper. The eyes still roam around her, rather than become embedded into her skin, but appear to be tethered with long, extension-cord like cables. The lightweight (yet hardly decent) outfit also allows her to vent off excess heat, effectively giving her Adaptive Feature from her Subtype the ability to interact with Fire Panels as if she were that element.

Personality: Vigil becomes, somehow, even more aggresive, losing some of her playful teasing in lieu of wishing to exact out an anger that she can't quantify. She finds chatter and banter among her friends and enemies both a chore, while Crossed, and while her mind races with the electrical processes so close to her central processing unit, she finds the increased excitement simply better utilized to deletion.

Cross Sig-
Clawed Restraints - Vigil lunges forward, her hand opening wide before it extends outward even further, her hand growing large enough to fully encompass her target. As she does so, it clamps down upon them painfully, holding them in place and allowing her and her allies to decimate the hampered target. Additionally, the hand she used breaks off before a new one forms immediately, keeping them pinned while allowing her free reign.
80 Points: 30 Melee Elec Damage | 1 Turn Hold | CD: 2
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