49 FXP with MachMan.EXE.
Making MachCross Level 1

Element: Null
Subtype: Speed (High Gear/Overclock)
Bonuses: +10 to all chips of the Null element.
1. Afterburner: Teleport. [2 TCD]. (80)
Cosmetic Changes: Nothing changes about his physical appearance under the armor, keeping his same hair, eyes, etc. However, his Netopian-style plate armor changes to a dark navy-blue and mutates to that of an angular, yet still rounded, design reminiscent of 20XX stealth aircraft. His wings go from dragon-like, to plane-like. And various jet turbines, engines, intakes, and thrusters grow out of the armor at various points, along with various fins and stabilizers.
His navi symbol bears the normal stone tower, but adds a [ERROR! FILE NOT FOUND!] to it.