49 FXP with Sylk.EXE.
Making SylkCross Level 1

Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed (High Gear/Overclock)
Bonuses: +10 to all chips of the Elec element.
1. Volt Venom: Passive Imbue Element: Elec. (20x4=80)
Cosmetic Changes: Hair changes from Gray to Light Blue in color, highlighted with White streaks throughout it. It also grows to shoulder length and becomes spikey, pulled up into a messy knot that spikes out, and the front hanging down a little over his eyes. Eye-color changes from Gray to Deep Crimson, and he gains another six that form a diamond formation on his forehead, mostly hidden under his new hair. His Netopian-style plate armor is ornamented in orange and yellow tiger stripes, running from his neck to his knees, but not along his arms or from his knees down to his feet.
His navi symbol bears the normal stone tower, but adds a spiderweb in the background, as if the stone tower was sitting in the web like a spider. He also grows four additional spider-like arms, capped with elongated blackened claws. The fine hair that covers the spider-like arms are gray, but the hairs that outlined the joints are golden tipped, for better definition.