CourseMan's MeleeCross
Level 1 Cross

Visual and Personality Shifts:

Courser met a man who was very focused on being manly. He got the impression that his new friend felt like he had something to prove. He also met a woman who was far more interested in getting the job done, which was something he could appreciate far more. The resulting cross from he acquired is still based primarily on the navigator, but there are some distinctly Damascus-inspired overtones here and there.

The first thing to note is that Courser's general colour theme shifts from blue to red; coupled with the black and silver, the rich red of his jacket continues to look very striking and fits well. He also acquires a thematically similar helmet to MeleeMan's, including the eye-covering front visor that completely obliterates his normal vision. the helmet itself is slightly sleeker and a little more stream-lined; while it still possesses the same back and neck guards as the original, it also sports a pair of laid back winglets above the ear position, bearing a sword-edge theme, with razor-sharp tips and edges. Despite the lack of normal vision, Courser gains an extension of senses that he can use to blind-fight comfortably, and the lock out of his own eyes actually makes managing his decoys and clones a little bit easier on his mental processes.

Underneath his now red jacket, courser's shirt is replaced by an under-wrap that looks quite similar to Damascus' shroud; if her were to remove the jacket, it would appear to serve as a sleeveless vest, though as with his shirt, the front of it crosses over quite low, revealing a good portion of his chest anyway.

His fingerless gloves are replaced by silvered metal knuckle guards, reinforced with bands that extend back over his hand to a bracer around each wrist.

When under the... influence... of MeleeCross, Courser tends to dispense with most of his stealth and diversionary tactics, in favour of a far more direct and aggressive mode of fighting. He remains nimble and quick, rather than hard and heavy, but the urge to fight directly with his own two fists becomes hard to ignore. his personality, similarly, becomes more brash and overt; his own natural penchant for flirting cannot be suppressed, and certainly wouldn't in this cross in any case, but it now comes with a lot more self-aggrandisement and attention to his physical attributes, rather than the turn of his wit.

Cross Signatures (80/80):

Burning Reaver

In the midst of numerous foes, Courser crouches low for a moment, setting his stance, then moves rapidly across a small distance, spinning and striking out with both fists in a fluid grace and leaving a scorching impression of fire behind.

Effect: Multi-Stage, First (Feint, Take Aim), Then (Multi-Strike(10Fire, Nova2) x2 Hits), 2TCD, (80 Points)