Lyntael/DiDiver Cross

Lyntael made a friend, way back in the early days. With the recent gift exchange, she sent him a gift that was enough to round out a level 1 cross, so here it is:

Lyntael's DiverCross
Level 1 Cross

Visual and Personality Shifts:

Lyntael's cross with DiDiver causes her innate element to shift to aqua, and dulls her wind sense as well. Already one prone to being more considerate of others than herself, these traits amplify further when she adopts this cross, but it comes along with a greater capacity for her to remain calm and approach situations rationally.

Her rather minimalist outfit remains so when it changes; her top is replaced by a fitted chest band that hugs her minimal endowment. It's made of a solid blue wetsuit material, with a yellow edge trim along the bottom and the top. The band narrows at the centre of the chest slightly, as well as at the sides, with a slightly taller back. For some reason, the design is ever so slightly racy, sporting a front zip in the centre as well as the normal back zip; the zipper is also trimmed in yellow, with a fabric cover that guards it most of the time. The top is firmly supportive and snug, even though this mostly shows off how little it has to hold still.

Below, a simple bikini bottom covers her adequately. It's made of the same material, with the same blue and yellow trim pattern, and is of a modest design front and back... although it does sport a pair of side zips at the hips, juxtaposed against the front and back zippers of the top. These, too, are covered in a protective fabric fold.

Lyntael's hair lies flat and smooth when she adopts this cross, though it remains its normal bright yellow. It would run the risk of getting in her eyes as a result, except that the change in appearance comes with a high quality blue visor that covers her eyes like a pair of slim-line and minimalist goggles. A single deliberate tap to the centre of the visor, at the bridge of her nose, causes it to recede into small compact pods circling her ears, under he hair, and taping each of them at once will bring it out again. Running her fingers over the pods, around the back of her ear, will cause a small breather to unfold as well, covering her mouth and allowing her to breath comfortably under water. Unfortunately, by virtue of having the breather in her mouth, she can't exactly talk while using it... but then, she wouldn't really be able to talk underwater anyway, so it's a fairly moot point.

The visor and breather are necessary because, despite the element shift that comes with this cross, the sheer integrated complexity of Lyntael's body and coding prevents any truly substantial changes from taking root; she is and remains a very human-like young woman, and nothing at the level of .GMOs or Crosses seems to stand a hope of changing this. This means, in Lyntael's case, that despite shifting to aqua element, she is still unable to breath comfortably underwater, unless she uses a proper breather, and her eyes won't see clearly, save with the visor.

Cross Signature (80/80):

A Crash of Waves

Despite some of the suppressing effects that the cross has on her personal charge, the energy conversion still leaves her with a good deal of build up that needs to be released. She finds herself much less inclined to use her ankle strikers, in this cross, and instead releases with a pair of broad, over-hand motions, usually beginning first with her left arm, then the right. Broad torrents of water actualise in the space just above the outside of each wrist point, and arc outwards with the motion of her hand to crash down on the target of her focus, splashing large amounts of water over everything nearby. The second motion follows after the first right away, but the recoil is vaguely disorienting, and she can't effectively aim both arcs of water at the same target.

Effect: Multi-Target, (20Aqua, Blast2) x2 Targets, 2TCD (80points)

Cosmetic Overcharge Effect:

Overcharge Shift:

While under the effects of DiverCross, Lyntael's Overcharge Effect is modified and altered. Her buster strikes no longer have any impact on her overcharge at all (being non-electrical now), and no electrical action that she takes can add more than one level of expend, even if it would normally add more. Electrical Cooldown effects no longer reduce her overcharge level, but they don't add to it either. Potent Aqua attacks now have the chance of increasing her overcharge, simply through the build and expenditure of energy. The effects of the overcharge itself are more or less unchanged from normal, however the sensations that she undergoes while burning out are slightly different in terms of how they actually feel.
Refreshing. Approved.