MachMan EscortCross

Name: EscortCross (Level 1) {+10 dmg to Null chips, 80 sig points}
Element: Null
Subtype: Guts (P: Vigor | A: Intimidation) {+25 HP when active, due to 5 HP mem upgrades}

Appearance: Heavily adopting the "Ultimate Iron-Wall Defender, Black Shadow" Subordinate's theme, Mach's color scheme changes mostly to black and silver. His body actually becomes slightly larger than default, growing from 6'2" to 6'5" and weighing in at 230lbs fully equipped. His undersuit is black and slightly baggy, to provide plenty of mobility without getting snagged in the pieces of matte-black armor over his shoulders/chest, forearms, and lower legs. The armor pieces appear sturdily made, but fairly plain and unassuming. The cuirass and spaulders are only generally contoured to the shape of Mach's body; not very form-fitting. However, beneath the armor and undersuit is an impressively muscled and toned frame, like Mach and Escort had adopted similar workout habits.

His short, raven-black hair juts out aggressively back from the matte silver demon mask covering his face, while his sky-blue eyes shine through the heavily shadowed eye holes in the aforementioned mask. The mask appeared to be made of two parts, the upper half had two sharp horns protruding just above a pair of angry-looking eyebrows. It extends down past his nose and overlaps his default mask, even having a pair of slightly curved points that look like fangs when laid over his lower mask. Said lower mask is permanently affixed to Mach's face, and mostly colored a darker shade of silver, save for a thick trim over his jaw-line.

Like Escort, his fists are armored only by a thin layer of wrapped tape, and his feet are covered by a simple pair of tabi-style boots. In this cross his wings are visibly absent, but the programs themselves are still very much active, allowing him mobility beyond Escort's own capabilities.

Signature Attack: Defender Stance
Mach's physical frame doubles in toughness and malleability thanks to a momentary boost in power dedicated to reinforcing his body, allowing him to temporarily shrug off blows that would normally cause significant amounts of damage.
(Hard Body x2 + 2TCD) (80pts)


Name: Machfighter EscortCross
Appearance: This version is easily the most unconventional of the MachFighter variants, and is inspired mostly by Escort's "Motorcade" signature attack rather than the Navi herself. As such, the MachFighter looks much more like a futuristic car than an aircraft. The chassis is about 6.5' wide and 25' long, but only about 5' tall. The dimensions combined with body's angular, black body panels and sloped windshield give it an almost blade-like look, with aerodynamics in mind. Its windshield, roof, and rear window are seamlessly fused into a single piece, the only separate panes of are those that make up the thin side windows. The glass is normally of a medium tint, but it can be adjusted as needed for its passengers' comfort.

When said passengers wish to enter or exit, the vehicle seems to open up like a mechanical flower. Its door and roof hinges are at the back of the chassis, so the doors open outwards while the entire roof and windshield of the vehicle lifts upwards to allow plenty of space to comfortably get in or out. The vehicle's cabin normally has four dark brown, padded seats arranged in two rows of two, each equipped with an adjustable four-point harness to keep passengers safely in their seats. The seats themselves can recline and even swivel on their axis, allowing all four passengers to face one another if they'd like. If needed, the seating can be reconfigured to have U-shaped bench seating in the back with two standard seats up front, or two bench seats lining both sides of the cabin. There's no "driver's seat," Mach handles everything internally, but can project basic navigational and targeting information on the windshield. He can also communicate with his passengers via speakers mounted in the doors and floor panels, as well as play music if so desired. He doesn't yet come with a mini-bar, but folks could bring their own libations; they don't have to worry about driving.

Other bells & whistles include a pair of angular white headlights, red tail-lights, and chrome trim around the door hinges and very thin, supercar-esque intakes. Though it looks more like a car than an airplane, it does have two pairs of small, matte-black wings mounted on extendable nacelles: two down in front, and two slightly higher up at the back of the chassis. The nacelles are normally flush with the chassis when "parked," but act as Mach's propulsion system when activated, and can swivel 360 degrees to give omni-directional movement capabilities. The soft cyan glow of the nacelles Lev drives run very quietly, and can propel the craft at a steady clip, but there's also a pair of internal boosters in the rear of the chassis, if you needed to get somewhere in a hurry.

The underside of the MachFighter isn't covered in glass like its roof, but it's nearly as smooth thanks to contoured black body panels. The only openings present are a quartet of Lev drive emitters, to help the MachFighter stay aloft at low speeds (as well as hover) and to gently set the vehicle down before opening up to pick up/drop off passengers.

Combat Information: Though it wasn't designed purely for combat, it's still sufficiently armed enough to keep its passengers safe and free of bullet holes. Shot-type attacks can be fired from weapon barrels mounted on the forward nacelles, while missiles, bombs, or other "lobbed" attacks can be fired from recessed launch tubes in the rear of the chassis.

Appearance: Activated automatically when MachMan initiates the EscortCross. Like Mach, she also appears taller in this form (~6"), and becomes ~150lbs of toned muscle. She also wears a similarly baggy black bodysuit with a few pieces of matte black armor over her chest, shoulders, chest, forearms, and lower legs. Her cuirass just barely contoured to her chest, while her vambraces, pauldrons, and shinguards are much more snug. Her raven black hair is in a much shorter bob-cut style, which is mostly covered by a black hood with a dark silver mask over her upper face. The design is very similar to Escort's, but with two small horns over her eyebrows as opposed to a single one. Her sky-blue eyes shine through the heavily shadowed eye holes, but the mask can be removed if needed.

The material of her pants are also baggy to allow for a wide range of movement, that lead down to simple tabi-style boots. Aera's wrists and knuckles are wrapped in dark gray tape, but since she isn't nearly as strong as Escort, there are a pair of small prong-like studs over her index and pinky knuckles. These knuckle studs allow her to make up for her lack of kinetic power with a high dose of electricity. Speaking of electricity, her EM Lev drives are still active in this GMO, but they're not physically present in the design.

Appearance: Activated automatically when MachMan initiates the EscortCross. Nearly all of Vector's body plates are matte black in this form, save for the dark silver horned, fanged Oni mask that makes up his head and face. The sky blue light beneath the mask shines through the pin-point apertures in its angry-looking, darkened eye holes and around the edges of its teeth, giving it a very spooky/intimidating look. Like Escort, it has a single horn protruding from the forehead of the mask, but the horn itself is angular and thin, looking more like a blade than a conical horn or spike.

His pauldrons, cuirass, greaves, and vambraces are larger and heavier than his counterparts' Escort-themed armor, giving him a brutish look to match his mask's intimidating look. The material connecting the armor pieces together is fairly light, and functions like cloth, but appears quite baggy, to give him a larger frame and to give him the necessary "wiggle room" to accommodate a wide range of wearers. And while Escort's own fists are normally armored only with banded tape, Vector's fists look much more like armored gauntlets. The armor on the outer surfaces of his fingers and knuckles are segmented and bulkier than the material making up the undersides of his fingers and palms, so he can easily make a fist, then use said fists to pummel even hardened objects without fear of immediately causing damage to himself.

Like the rest of his Cross-themed .GMOs, he can function as armor for others, shifting and adjusting the orientation, size, and contours of the armored plating and light "cloth" material to fit a wide range of wearers. His Oni-masked face can be split into upper and lower halves, allowing wearers to forego the "mouth" of the mask if needed, but the "eyes" and "nose" of the mask aren't so easily removed. When worn, the horn on the mask reconfigures to a design unique to its wearer.

Mach: Two long horns that initially angle forwards, then bend sharply back and over his head
Aera: Two shorter horns that stick straight forward, like prongs of a stun-gun
Escort: A single, long conical horn that angles slightly upwards
Big Mach :V