LyntaelCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Elec/Wind


After enduring many a hardship with her, and some mutual chest envy along the way, Martia's figuratively and literally acquired some of Lyn's powers, one of which is a brand new cross. Up top, her hair hasn't changed despite Lyn's radically different style, but her headgear has been replaced with something more closely resembling a pair of yellow headphones, for unknown reasons.

The more notable changes are a bit lower; to begin with, every bit of thinner, traditional Navi armor on her body is now gone. Her top is now simply a pastel yellow, and only comes down to just below her breasts. It's not apparently how, but her own chest seems to be smaller while under the effects of this cross, appearing as a C cup, tops. It's unclear to an observer whether they actually shrunk, but wrappings bind her underneath to give her such an appearance, as well as serving as a makeshift bra. They're capable of maintaining perfect support even if ripped into pieces, and can be instantly reformed by her stopping and focusing for a moment to refresh it.

Martia now has a yellow miniskirt, that only goes a third of the way down her thighs. Like with Lyn, it has a modesty program built into it to automatically position it so that if possible, no one can see what's underneath. It's not foolproof, though, and when it does fail, it reveals...the exact same pink panties she always has. Some things never change, even with crosses.

Finally, her gloves and boots remain completely unchanged, aside from their new yellow coloring.

Custom Weapon: With Lyn's powers, Martia can channel electricity through her gloves and boots, and use it to power her melee attacks.

Cross Sig Attack:

Heavenly Heart - Martia channels her own inner strength, and brings it to the outside. Due to the influx of Lyn's abilities, it manifests itself as a static field that can deflect most attacks. When it's taken enough damage, instead of dissipating, it creates an aura of plasma that shocks nearby foes. (40 HP Elec elemental Barrier, Trap(barrier is destroyed): 20 Elec + Nova 2) (80/80) (2 TCD)
Yay for making friends!


Level: 1
Element: Normal (No weakness, No bonus)
Subtype: Melee (Melee attacks +1 acc., 'Bash' subtype ability)
Bonuses: 80pt sig pool, +10 bonus to all normal chips... ah, haha... chips... yeah...


When under the effects of her SoulCross with Martia, Lyntael is quite keenly aware of a slight dulling of some of her extended and external senses. In particular, the electricity that forms the constant pulse of her life fades away until it is no more than a flicker in her heart. As far as Lyntael is concerned, this is actually not a bad thing at all. One interesting side effect, however, is that her hair now lies constantly lank and flat, rather than it's normal rough spikes.

Unfortunately for Lyn, this is probably the only overt physical change she experiences; to her great disappointment, she gains none of Martia's more envied assets.

The modifications that overtake her outfit are subtle in places, but produce overall quite a different look when taken together: Her simple vest extends and fills in to resemble something much more akin to a traditional sleeveless gi, with the front seam running all the way from shoulder to hip, at a slight diagonal, instead of its original three catches. Yellow is still the predominant colour, however, the lining of the top is a delicate pink (which, let's be honest, isn't really an eye-pleasing colour compliment, but, that's how it goes... they're both quite pale and pastel, so, it's not -too- bad). The neck of the top is more closed than her light vest, but remains open just enough that her emblem is still visible.

In another modesty-preserving change, her skirt is replaced by plain leggings, which are fitted quite narrow to her legs, without being skin tight; they retain enough looseness not to restrict her movement at all, regardless of whatever twists or flexes she might make, but not enough to be any risk of catching. These, too, are a pale, pastel yellow, with the same thin bordering of light pink around the hems and cuffs.

Completing the look, Lyntael now also sports a pink sweatband about her forehead, that performs the important task of keeping her now-loose hair out of her face, as well as matching wrist and ankle bands at the places with would normally act as gather points for her electrical charge.


for Lyntael, this cross is the embodiment of all the things she sees in Martia that she would like to be, herself; someone brave and competent, someone who doesn't get frightened by hostile situations, and, just as importantly, someone who will quite plainly stand up and say what she thinks, without trepidation. It is these thoughts and desires in manifest that make up the strength of this cross, and so Lyntael herself will tend to be much more upfront and forthright while under its affects: When she is not happy about something, she's more likely to say so than normal, and if she disagrees with something, she's more likely to be at least a little bit assertive about what she actually wants. Her emotional sensitivity also seems to have been dampened at last a little bit while in this cross, though potentially this is only because she sees Martia as a woman with complete control over her own emotions. As a result her sorrows and fears will be less severe to her, and less hampering of her actions, just as her exuberance and enthusiasm will be slightly tempered by a note of something more serious.

Cross Signature:

A Determined Flurry:

Description: The main lesson that Lyntael has taken from her first expedition with Martia is the way in which the other woman takes to the offence; her rule of engagement was usually attack fast, and attack often, and usually with a level of control and precision that the young girl found overwhelming. Her attempts to emulate this may not pack quite the same punch, but for her it's certainly a concerted effort. With her target fixed upon and close by, Lyntael throws herself into a rapid hail of blows with a tightly controlled stance and solid form. Though the exact execution of strike may vary, she usually opens this combo with a solid drive punch, followed by a succession of fast kicks that turn her body, and closing with a back-fist from her other hand that serves the dual purpose of resetting her fighting stance to her original start point.

Effect: Multi-strike, (20 null) x4 Hits, 2TCD.

Everything's good, approved.
LynCross has leveled up, so I'm doing some cross sig stuff.

Boosting the offensive power of the existing sig...

Heavenly Heart
- Martia channels her own inner strength, and brings it to the outside. Due to the influx of Lyn's abilities, it manifests itself as a static field that can deflect most attacks. When it's taken enough damage, instead of dissipating, it creates an aura of plasma that shocks nearby foes.

- Elec element
- 40 HP Barrier (40)
- Trap attribute (0)
- 30 damage (30)
- Nova 2: (30)

40 + 0 + 30 + 30 = 100
Sig Cap: 100

And adding a new one.

Aether Charge
- Martia shoots a ray of electrons at an enemy, but due to not being able to control electricity very well once it leaves her body, very little of it actually hits the enemy. She can, however, gather up the electrical energy to power up her follow-up attacks.

- Shot type
- Elec element
- 20 damage (20)
- Imbue Elec x 2 (40)

20 + 40 = 60
Sig Cap: 100

Cross Sig Points: 160
Cross Sig Points Used: 160
Points Remaining: 0

And this time, I used all my points. Woo me.
Looks fine to me, Approved.
Now that I'm sorta-mostly back, time to update for level two for MartiaCross, too.


No drastic changes in visual appearance from the Level 1 Cross, however, the pale yellow of his outfit has faded further as to be almost white now, so that the pink trim stands out more by comparison. Overall, the eye-gouging effect of it is almost completely solved, since it looks mostly like pink on white, unless you look closely.


No major personality changes different from the Level 1 Cross here, except that they are slight more pronounced now: her confidence, and her willingness to speak out, take a little bit firmer of a hold during her Cross, than they did before.

Cross Signatures:

(Unchanged) A Determined Flurry:

Multi-strike, (20 null) x4 Hits, 2TCD (80pts)

(New) A Solid Strike:

Description: Instinctively, Lyntael's stance widens and she sets herself more firmly for this skill, in contrast to her normally light-footed style. Close in, she strikes out with a much more direct driving blow that is her norm, channelling all her focus into punching through her targets defences and hitting where it hurts. Unfortunately, Lyntael herself is still a slight girl and a motion of this power shudders her whole body as well, leaving her a bit sluggish briefly after delivering it.

(80 null), Break, Impact, Self Slow, 3TCD (Nerfed cap 120)

Totals: 160/160 spent

Cosmetic Overcharge Effects:

While under the effects of MartiaCross, Lyntael's Overcharge Effect is effectively dampened. Her buster strikes no longer have any impact on her overcharge at all (being non-electrical now), and no action that she takes can add more than one level of expend, even if it would normally add more. Further, the effects of the overcharge itself are lessened, and she can maintain a more cohesive level of functionality closer to her limit (Effective Overcharge Value is treated as Actual Overcharge value - CrossLevel).
Looks fine to me, approved.