Dragonierman/Trent Cross

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Trent and Dragonierman Finally hit the 30 FXP mark.

Level 1
Type: Null/Guts
Appearance: While under the effects of the DragoniermanCross, Trent gains several appearance markers known to Dragonierman. The most noticeable of these is the medieval armor that Dragonierman wears. Trent is covered in head to toe with the armor, but it isn't the exact same as Dragonierman's. Due to Trent's different fighting style, the armor has been changed to be lighter and cover less, to allow for a greater range of movement but also lowers the protective value of the armor. The gap around all joints on the armor, elbow, knees, wrists, are all greater. Also armor has been removed around the underside of the shoulders and the hips. The under armor below is a different color than Dragonierman's as well, being light blue and white in color, reflecting a digital camo pattern typical of Trent. Trent does not gain Dragonierman's helmet while in this cross, keeping his head exposed and bare, both as a sign of strength and to keep his sight open. Trent also gains the gauntlet of Dragonierman, but only on one hand. The bladed gauntlet in Trent's main form of attack, and the form of the fingers has been changed to a thinner shape, less of a claw and more of a hand of blades. Trent's emblem is engraved on the upper left chest section of the armor.

Personality: Trent's basic personality is close to that of one of the Side of Dragonierman. While under the effects of the cross, he mostly remains unchanged, but feels a pull towards a more noble path. He has a higher standard of morals, but still fights with the same strength as before.

Cross Attack:
Inner Fire: Taking a page from Dragonierman on fighting Trent combines his own style with the form of the dragon. He adopts a light stance and careful footing to make sure the enemy can't catch him not moving. Fueled by an inner strength and fire he hasn't known before, he purges his mind and body of physical pain, pushing forwards in the fight. This attack is as much a mental healing as it is an outer.

Inner Fire: Dodge + Healing 30 = 80 Points 2TCD 80/80

Element: Null
Subtype: Guts
Bonuses: +10 damage to all chips of the Null element.

Appearance: DragonierMan keeps his armour, but loses the helmet so he has a greater field of vision. A headband of white and gray wool-cloth adorns his head, graced with his navi symbol. He keeps every other piece of clothing from his base form, unwilling to part with the protection. But now he sports dozens of hidden sheaths in the joints and under the folds of his cloak. His dark-gray hair and eye color become lighter in shade and more green in color. The stone tower that acts as DragonierMan's navi symbol now sports a pair of crossed daggers, gleaming above the tower.

Personality: DragonierMan becomes cold and grim. His hunter's instincts are modified to slay his prey quickly and overly cautiously. Survival of self is key. As such he hesitates to rush into battle, full of sound and fury, while in this form.

Custom Weapon: DragonierMan retains his brawler and weapon talents, and his breath attacks. But now he leans more toward edged weapons: his claws, knives, and swords. Hidden sheaths riddle his clothing and he is never without a blade. He also uses his large cloak to disorient the vision of his enemies.

Cross Signatures
Current total points to draw from: 80.

1. Hidden Blade: Acc: A/B; Passive 20 Null
The navi draws upon one of his many hidden blades to strike at the enemy, throwing or stabbing it into the target.
(20x4 = 80)
I approve of Azureink's cross.

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I approve of Azureink's cross.

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