We hit 32 points with the latest addition of 3 FXP in our last real world thread.

Type: Null/Sword
Level 1
Just like Rhea, Djinni's body becomes entirely robotic except her head. Her entire body armor is sleek in style and has almost all of its joints covered, except for a circular disc at her knees and elbows that are all integrated in the armor's exterior. The armor is mostly purple in color, but has silver finishes for borders or details. Despite Djinni's breast size, her chest armor seems slightly smaller than what she could usually fill. The boots of the armor are designed with high heels to still give it a stylish look.
Djinni also wears a helmet in a style similar to the rest of her armor during this Cross and has her hair in a short style, reaching her shoulders barely. From the back of the helmet comes a beam of red energy similar to Djinni's usual ponytail, which moves in the exact same way as her ponytail would. This change was made for her weaponry to not get stuck in her hair. Coming from the audio receivers integrated into the helmet comes a transparent energy which resembles a veil.
Attached to Djinni's shoulders are two pauldrons in the same style of her armor. The bottom part of each pauldron is rounded and is detachable. When detached from the top part, the bottom part folds out to form a handle at the top. Once held, the rounded part grows purple colored teeth of energy, which are constantly in motion, like a chainsaw.

Cross Signature Program:
Mecha Art - Dark Hole Armor
Djinni brings her two chainsaws together, increasing their speed and letting the teeth hit each other. Once enough power has been built, she spreads out the built-up energy and becomes enveloped in it. The energy field completely covers Djinni and is dark purple and transparent with stars twinkling inside of it. The field partially consumes the strength of attacks, while making it possible for Djinni to swiftly glide across the ground.
HardBody (40)
Haste (40)
1 turn; 2 TCD
Type: Fire/Sword
Level 1

Rhea turns into a more human-like form in this Cross, donning an outfit that easily conceals any part of her skin, save for her eyes and hands. She wears a long-sleeved shirt and loose pants, added with bundled sandals for her feet. A waist sash keeps two ornamental scarves in place over her two shoulders, hanging freely next to her legs as she moved, generating the elegant flow of movement as she striked her opponents.

Her hair is well hidden underneath the turban, tied up neatly with the ends of the green strings hanging freely behind her. Her signature ear covers showing her emblem was not concealed, however; but a heavy veil conceals the most of her face.

Rhea wields a semi-translucent blade that resembles a scimitar, but ends with a sharp angled curve, like a small scythe. There is no visible sheath for the weapon; she merely conjures it out of thin air as the battle begins.

Cross Signature: (80/80 points)
=Flamesurge Rhythm
ACTIVE - (20FIRE Slashing x 4 'charges' - Lasts 2 turns maximum)
(80 sig points, 2TCD)
Initiating a more graceful style of her offensive, Rhea begins to take measured, steps of rhythm. Given the opportunity, Rhea will counter and attack with quick slash bursts of fire until the flames surrounding her blade dies out.
- Requires one action to activate, like a normal signature attack.
- Once activated, Flamesurge Rhythm will contain 4 charges of 20 FIRE Slashing damage, which Rhea may use to combine with her normal attacks. (Delayed effect)
- Cooldown only begins to be calculated after all 4 charges run out, or by the end of the second turn after initiation.
I scrapped my Cross design before, but I finally fixed it. This is available for approving now.
Better late than nev-Approved