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EternalisCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Aqua/Recover

Description: SplashLady looks fairly similar to her normal appearance while under the effects of EternalisCross. Physically, most of the alterations are minor: her long skirt has shortened to only extend halfway down her thigh, the fins on her gloves and skirt are gone, shoulder plates appear in the appropriate area, and a yellow visor covers her eyes. But perhaps her most notable feature is that every bit of clothing on her had become a solid blue, save for her helmet emblem. Also, for some reason, from head to toe, she is encased in a thin layer of water. Good thing she can already breathe in the stuff.

Custom Weapon: Her spear now possesses a sharp tip made of ice, which is capable of throwing ice shards at enemies.

Cross Sig Attack:

Healing Flow: SplashLady utilizes Eternalis's best ability: the ability to heal wherever and whenever possible.

20 Heal (20/80)
Aqua element (0/80)
Passive sig (x4)
Total: 80/80
[Soul Cross: SplashTwins] (Aqua/Guts)

Eternalis' alliance with the Splash twins manifests in this Soul Cross. The dark blue of Eternalis' armor changes into a lighter sea green, and the original watery countenance of sky blue changes to an even lighter shade of blue. A long trail of water is fashioned into hair behind the head, flowing down to the back of Eternalis' armor. The armor is now also more shapely, and larger at the chest, to accommodate extra 'assets'. Two large chambers of blue water are contained in two large water cannons, attached to the back of the torso of Eternalis' armor. On his arm- and leg-outputs, each have two small white fins on either side, that serve as nothing more than decoration. The abdomen underneath the armor now also has an extension of body behind it, which trails down to the floor. It splits at the end, to form what people might say a mermaid's tail. For a weapon, Eternalis can summon a trident similar to SplashLady's, except sharper, and more likely to make something die. Augmented with Eternalis' own water-shifting ability, the Navi can manipulate surrounding aquatic elements with even higher prowess.

Signature Attacks:

Active: Spearplay
Wielding the trident with an unmatchable prowess, Eternalis charges the enemy with impunity, deflecting attacks by way of the weapon's swift parrying.
| Movement, 3-Hit Shield | 2 TCD | 80 SP |

Influx Aegis is nerfed to Heal 11 x5.