We've got 36 points together.

Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Bonus: +10 to Normal Chips, Gain "Swordplay" ability.
Description: Red exchanges her red cape for a dark black one and now wears a completely black bodysuit, that covers her whole body up to her neck, with a zipper going down the middle. The navi wears sandals on her feet as well. A purple sash is tied around her waist with a katana in a sheath inserted in the sash above Red's left hip. Red's hair has also become jet black and her eyes turn from their normal blue into a gleaming red. Her navi crest is adorned on her left shoulder on a piece of shoulder armor metal which is fastened by a small brown leather belt that slants diagonally across her body from the front and back. To finish it off, a black headband is tied around her forehead with a golden square in the center with the character for death in the same color of the square around it inside the square.
Custom buster: Red draws the katana from her hip and slashes at the opponent.
Charge Shot: Red gathers wind around her sword and slashes at her enemy, sending a powerful gust at the opponent to inflict damage.
Cross Sig:
Rhapsody in Red: Red glares at the opponent, slowing him/her down, but creates the illusion that she's moving faster then them, and attacks for 20 DMG. [Slow one opponent for a turn and deal 20 DMG]
Pts Used: 60/60
Cooldown: 2 turns
Up to you, Asator.
I RP Pianissimo and I approve of this message.



Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind
Bonus: +10 to normal chips, gain "Gust" ability

Description: Pianissimo loses his normal armor and instead dons a black shirt, pants, leather gloves, and boots, all of which fit rather tightly. He also gains a blood red hood and cape that conceal most of his body. When the hood is down, his face looks fairly normal, except with red eyes and several brown streaks through his normally green hair. When the hood is up, however, his entire face is shrouded and barely visible save his eyes, which glow bright red. Strung between his waist and left arm is a bag that seems to vary in size so that it doesn't restrict his movement. The bag is dark brown and his a wicker pattern on it to make it resemble a picnic basket. Despite always appearing to be empty, Pianissimo always manages to pull just about anything he needs from it. Embroidered in the middle of the bag on the front side is Pianissimo's navi emblem. On the back side is the character for silence.

Custom weapon: Pianissimo pulls a cookie from the depths of the bag and throws it at the enemy. The cookie explodes on impact.
Custom Charge: Pianissimo pulls a large cookie that glows a vibrant red from the depths of the bag and forces the enemy to eat it (by throwing it into their mouth. If the enemy doesn't have a mouth, it just absorbs the cookie, presuming it doesn't miss). Once the enemy has eaten the cookie, which happens to be one of the best cookies ever made, it explodes inside them.

Cross Sig:
-Pie-Wielding Assassin [3TCD]: Pianissimo disappears in a burst of black petals. Seconds later, a pie comes flying out of nowhere and smacks the enemy in the face. Pianissimo then reappears somewhere else after the pie is thrown.
[-1 action charge time (-30)
-Teleport (+50)
-40 damage attack (+40)
((Basically, I'm making the teleport and attack take separate actions.))]
Yar. Have fun you cookie wielding, katana slashing weirdos.
So... we have 20 more points now....


Name: Dance of the Chameleon
Description: Brandishing and swinging her sword elegantly while spinning and covering herself up in her cape, Red is able to disappear for a limited amount of time by refracting light around her.
Effect. Invisibility 1
Cost: 80 points
Cooldown: 2 Turns