RainfallCross (and possibly MachCross)

((Earned 38FXP with Raincross.EXE in Area Exploration mission in NetopiaNet))

Name: RainfallCross

Element/Subtype: Aqua/Wind

Description: Though Machman's hairstyle does not change with this cross, his hair color darkens to a "dirty blonde" brown-ish look. Mach's ear pylons disappear, but his ears are covered by a form-fitting blue material that comes from the corners of his mask and wraps all the way around the back of his head. A black, waterproof, hooded raincoat covers his armor on his upper torso. The sleeves of the raincoat extend all the way down to his wrists, so his blue gloves and the red crystals on the backs of his hands are visible. A similarly dark, waterproof pair of pants that extends all the way down to halfway down his shins covers his waist and legs. His boots are unchanged, but have a little bit of a shine to them, since they have been heavily waterproofed. The most radical changes of the cross are the replacements for Mach's wings. Instead of the long, thruster-laden upper wings, he has a pair of odd, dynamo-like transmitters. These transmitters are dull silver, and have multiple projections: a few antennas, a small radio dish, and the large central spike. His lower wings were replaced by one wind speed and directional sensor, and the other a display for all of the other three's statuses and readouts. They normally stay near his back, but can float freely about for easy access.

Weapon: Mach carries a dark navy blue umbrella, which he can store on his back. He keep the umbrella closed tightly when not in use, or it would open up as he flies around.

Signature Attack: (60/60)
Waterworks: Rain clouds pour down rain and cover a large part of the area in fairly deep water. The water seems to bend to his will, and forms a very convincing "double" on top of the water. Same looks, but comprised completely of water (with some minor data manipulation for the colors). (Large Sea Terrain Change + Decoy x1 + 2TCD)
I'm not going to approve this since I technically own Rainfall, but I speak on behalf of her in allowing her cross.
Wasn't aware that NPC Crosses were allowed yet, but whatever. This isn't earthshattering.

Still, tentatively approved.
They aren't, so no. This is invalid. :/