BinaryCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Normal

Description: Now that SplashMan can access a form that can use Crosses in SplashLady, his experiences with Binary has poured into him, and manifested itself in the form of BinaryCross!


The appearance of SplashLady has entirely changed...this time for the simpler. From the neck down, her entire body is clad in a white, skin-type suit, with matching gloves and boots. Covering this are various 0s and 1s that constantly swirling around. Her helmet remains identical, but like the rest of her, is now white with the rotating 0s and 1s.

Custom Weapon: Her spear has vanished, and manifested itself in the form of one of Binary's favorite modes of attack; tentacles. Six extendable, white tentacles, each featuring diamond-like ends resembling a spear head, or the end a squid's tentacle. These can be used to attack directly, or can be used to power up chip attacks.

Cross Sig Attacks:

Data Flow
Utilizing Binary's ability to boost chip attacks, BinaryCross SplashLady can do the same, increasing the power of her attacks for the rest of the turn by channeling them through her tentacles instead of using them normally.

Strengthen 60 damage (60/60)
Total: 60/60

I'd like to take the time to request that the other person's permission requirement be waived, on the condition that Phoenix hasn't been around lately. And now, I AWAIT APPROVAL.
Approved, so long as Phoenix doesn't say otherwise whenever he shows up again.