LordHothead's Pianissimo and Shuryou's Divinity, Cross Registration.

The first meeting.

Planeswalker test? Whazzat? ((Real World Thread))
Planeswalker Test Arena D.
The first round; Nautical Nonsense.
The second round; Up For Some Golf, Ol' Chap?
The third round; WE HAET SAND!
The fourth round; My Kingdom For A Horse! ((Unfinished due to problems; Unknown if it counts.))

The second meeting.
Duke Is In The Area; Not The Only Thing That's 'Yum'. ((Real World Thread))
Divine Piano Duet.
Strike one; Is It Hot In Here?
Strike two; Where Are We going!?

We don't know if the Planeswalker events counted for more, even if they showed bigger signs of friendship and teamwork than 'normal' battles.
If this is not enough, then I will edit this topic every time we finish another battle. Officials and Admins, be our judge.
I am LordHothead and I approve of this message.

Yeah. Angel of Death go. Working on another battle and stuff if that's not enough.


Name: PianissimoCross
Type Change: Normal/Sword
Bonuses: +10 to Normal Chips.
Description: Divinity┬┤s armor dissolves entirely, making space for a pitch black bodysuit that flows from her toes to her neck. Her wings disappear too while her halo become black too. The visor covering her eyes becomes dark red and the round objects covering her ears become black as well with a dark red cross on it.
Around her neck appears a long red scarf with two long tails, each seem raffled and tattered as if they had seen many battles, and come down to the ground while being able to move without being blown by the wind. The front of the scarf covers Divinity's mouth and nose. The tails of said scarf can be used to fly as if they were wings.
On her hands are gauntlets that only cover hands and arms entirely. Each gauntlet reaches to her elbow and is as black as the bodsuit itself but can still be visible as a dark red cross adornes the part closest to the hand. A small ruby brighter than the cross itself is embedded within the cross that can be used for various attacks.
Around her waist is a dark red belt with with a shining dark red cross as buckle, even though it cannot fall off. On each side of the belt is a black sheath, one smaller than the other. In her right sheath is a katana with a black long slim blade and dark gray grip piece. In the other sheath, which is smaller and a little bit wider, is a dagger with a black small blade and a dark gray grip. The dagger also has a small dark red cross on each side of its grip. If she takes one of these weapons out the sheath will disappear until she places it back in, which is programmed to avoid annoyance.
Covering her legs and feet are black boots with high heels on the bottom. These boots go up to just below her knees to avoid problems with movements of her legs.
Name: DivineCross
Type Change: Normal/Recovery
Bonuses: +10 to normal chips, gains Conversion ability
Appearance: Pianissimo keeps most of his armor, but loses the helmet. His normally pale green and rough hair becomes much more even and gains a yellow streak running through it. The knife-shaped earpieces are replaced by round ones, silver with a bright red cross on them. From these, replacing the eyepieces Pianissimo is used to, comes a dark visor, gray with a hint of red in color, that completely obscures his eyes. Pianissimo also gains a halo that hovers slightly over his head, the color shifting from a brilliant silver to black depending on how it's viewed.
The rest of his armor only changes slightly. The chest region gains a blood red cross emblem, the black armored gauntlets become silver, and his shoulders gain ball-like extensions with the same cross emblem emblazoned on them. His scarf also disappears, and is replaced by two silver extensions of the armor, from which extend, almost seamlessly blending with the metallic base but looking noticeably more natural at the ends, two brilliant angelic wings, about one and a half times the length of his arms. These wings only give limited flight abilities, however.
Other than that, Pianissimo no longer uses his sword in this form. Rather, he gains, mounted on top of the silver gauntlets, one shield on each arm. The shields are large enough to cover the entire gauntlet up to the point where Pianissimo's armor becomes black again and a little further, have a golden line running along the edges and another blood red cross emblem in the middle. Unlike the shields' original owner, however, the gem in the middle of the cross on each of Pianissimo's shields is almost solid black. The shields are also extremely sharp around the edges, so Pianissimo can use them for cutting just as well as the sword he's used to. He can also use them as blunt weapons or throw them as boomerangs, however.
Pianissimo also gains shields on his boots, though these do not have sharp edges and are significantly smaller.
Finally, Pianissimo becomes more protective of his friends and allies, but his cruelness to his enemies remains unchanged. This, along with his appearance, makes him the very image of the Angel of Death.
Ehh, I guess it's fine.