He's back again, and about time too, and this time, he's in the mood!

Other Navi: Rass.EXE

All Revelant Threads and Battles:

Busting in Yumland 1
Busting in Yumland 2
Busting in Yumland 3

Event Battle in Electown Net 1
Event Battle in Electown Net 2
Event Boss in Electown Net

Is that enough for a Lvl. 1 Cross? I sort of figured the Cybeast event would count a little extra, perhaps? :'D
A small note, but... This would be your second. I just wanted to point at the thing for sale at the Navi Shop.

Quote (Navi Shop)

SoulCross Expansion (Adds one SoulCross slot): 2500z

I forgot the rules about these...
Yeah, I was worried about that too, but as it turns out:

Quote ()

Initially, you may have a maximum of three, additional room for one may be purchased at Mejin's Navi shop for 2500z.

This is still in the Cross Rules. So I think I'm good. : D
Approved, level 1 cross given. Threads nullified for further use.

Opened back up because there's a few things I never specified, including the appearance and the type change.

Type will be Normal/Recovery, adopting element and subtype.

Changes: In this cross, MeleeMan's helmet, glove, and boots adopt a pink coloration and his coat transforms into pink armor that covers the chest and shoulders. His neck is covered by a thick, tightly wrapped yellow scarf. His helmet gains four holes for gems; the last three are filled with different colored gems, a blue gem, green gem, and red gem from second to fourth. The helmet also becomes tighter, losing its back extension and becoming more like a pilot's helmet, covering the sides of the face. The skinsuit underneat becomes pitch-black. MeleeMan is ultimately more passive and easier to instruct in this form.

New to this form are three concious beings inhabiting MeleeMan's own thoughts; they manifest themselves only by voice and are composed of different conflicting aspects of his original fighting style and personality. Unlike Rass' systems, they are not actually at all effective for instructing him. One is a hot-headed voice that takes offense with everything, although her ideas are actually usually quite effective; she will almost never take no for an answer. Oddly enough, this one is a female voice. She helps MeleeMan with strategy, and she often has her way amongst the conciousnesses. The second is a very lazy sounding voice, belonging to the system which helps MeleeMan increase the force of his close-range attacks. The voice is terribly unresponsible, and will often put things off on others; it recognizes no value of friendship or teamwork. The fourth and final is one that talks almost entirely in butchered sentences, misusing different words or forgetting what it was going to say mid-sentence. It is also the loudest of the four conciousnesses, which could likely cause insanity in anyone of weaker constitution than MeleeMan. This system helps him with his aim, supposedly, but actually, when it takes control of his arm in select situations, it causes it to twitch terribly, succeeding most likely only by its ability to stop the motion of the body's arm at the correct time. Understandably, things can be quite hectic amongst them all.

Is all of that okay? : D
Yes. >:0