A Reunion Long Overdue

Background Information
Over 10 years ago, there was a Navi called MachMan.EXE, who was under the command of his Netop, Nikolai. MachMan.EXE was a military-issue Navi from the Netopian military, with the sole mission of gathering information about local viruses, locations, and Navis. When MachMan was tandem battling with TeethMan.EXE, Nikolai received an order to transfer to a new location, far away from his current ACDC post. Due to some corrupted military protocol, his Navi had to be deleted to prevent "falling into enemy hands." A hidden program within MachMan activated, and caused the missiles housed in his body to detonate, which caused an explosive self-deletion. Believing his Navi to have been completely destroyed, Nikolai resigned from the Netopian Military and created a new navi: Vengeance.EXE and to this day is pursuing justice for his fallen partner.

Seven years later, Mazer Patrovski logged his new NormalNavi into the ACDC network. The NormalNavi followed a group of local Navis participating in a virus busting run in ACDCNet. The group struck deep into the network, and the NormalNavi became separated by the group. Mazer Patrovski and his Navi noticed a large, black explosion scar on the ground and decided to investigate out of pure curiosity. They then encountered an odd spectral data anomaly, which was a part of MachMan's original programming. The data still had some of MachMan's remaining AI, and was desperate to continue it's existence after 7 years of waiting. The data merged with the NormalNavi and the two became one. The majority of MachMan's original appearance was reflected in this new Navi, as was a fraction of his past memories. The end result was MachMan.EXE MkII.

With his newly-gained powers, MachMan and Mazer Patrovski started their own adventures in the local networks, busting viruses, and making new friends along the way, including XIII.EXE his NetOp, Miss Kasumi Misumaru. However, Machman started to experience odd feelings about his past, heard voices, and experienced disturbing visions. Some included seeing the original MachMan's face over his own reflection in the water during a rescue mission in ACDCNet, saw a "familiar" ghost in a spirit-filled hallway in SciLabs, and MachMan.EXE (MkI) himself when Aera.SP first activated. These experiences have been dwelling in MachMan's mind, and he feels like he needs to go back to where he was "born."

While MachMan was out on his adventures all over the network, there was unrest at the spot where the original MachMan was deleted. Supposedly during the data merge 3 years ago, not all of the data was incorporated into the current MachMan's program. This data manifested into a malevolent spectral program, hell-bent on obtaining satisfaction for it's near decade-long period of constant isolation and suffering. This data, known as VengefulGhost, or "Spectre" has patrolled it's limited territory and attacked countless viruses and several Navis, including Delta.EXE and Rhea.EXE. The Spectre even defeated PsycheMan.EXE, and orphaned the Navi's SP, Nell. ((Not at all important, but may become important later))

Subplot Core

Ch1: A request
- Mach receives a communique from PsycheMan.EXE, sees a mission request on the BBS posted by PsycheMan, or passes by him somewhere on the net
- PsycheMan is looking for a SP named Nell, explains how he last saw her in ACDCNet
- Mach suggests going back to where she was seen last, in case she returned in an attempt to seek out PsycheMan, or at least find clues

Ch2: On the trail
- Bust their way into the net
- Find blast zone, no other clues, PsycheMan departs

Ch3: Tortured Spirit
- Encounter the spectral Navi, which previously remained hidden until PsycheMan left
- Enraged, it absorbs Aera and Vector
- Battle Start!

Enemy Data
Name: Spectre
Element/Subtype: unknown
Physical Description: Initially appearing as a mass of viral junk data, the Spectre manifests as a creature covered in a "cocoon" consisting of different pieces and parts of virus corpses (broken Metool helmets forming the knuckles of its claws, Sparky spines along its back, etc.) The creature's main body appears to have a head, but the mish-mash of different pieces make it difficult to discern facial features. The creature also has a pair of four-fingered claws, which appear to be attached to its body by extendable cables, allowing it to fling its claws forward to drag itself along, or to attack foes at range

HP: unknown
Actions: unknown
NCPs: Unknown
Siphon Claw x2: Fires one or both claws at a maximum of two targets, then completely drains them of their data to incorporate it into the user's own program (1000dmg + 1dmg LifeDrain + Homing + Seeking + SuperPiercing) (S-Accuracy)

Name: Enraged Spectre
Element/Subtype: Null/Shield + Recover (has both Med Mastery/IV & Shield Bash/Reinforce)
Physical Description: After absorbing Aera and Vector, the Spectre "hatches" from its viral corpse shell to reveal a body it's been attempting to develop and protect for years. In this form it stands nearly 20ft tall and looks like its weight is more comparable to that of a piece of heavy machinery or aircraft than a Navi. Its lower torso consists of a large, angular chevron-shaped wedge, looking fairly similar to Vector's head in overall shape. The front surfaces of its metallic hull is specked with a seemingly random array of spherical mechanical eyes of varying shapes, each emitting an ominous crimson glow as they swivel and zoom independently. Attached to the wedge are a pair of angular blade-like claws, similar to that of a crab or scorpion, but the claws themselves appear to be more designed for snipping and cutting as opposed to grasping and crushing. Its rear hull has several movable slats, which are used to direct the exhaust of the various thruster banks underneath.

The Spectre's mechanical, serpentine spine is attached like a plug to the top of its Vector-esque lower torso. Said plug is lined with six 2" long spines that crackle with electricity, as if to form a protective barrier around the creature's spine, without significantly reducing its mobility. Its upper torso is significantly smaller, but still larger than a standard-sized NormalNavi. Its angular chest looks like a mix of Vector's plating and Aera's armor, but nothing is attached to its shoulder sockets other than a pair of immobile conical spikes sticking horizontally outwards. There are four large cylindrical structures sprouting outwards from its back, which have several glowing cyan panels that growl and buzz while powered, and occasionally let loose white-hot bolts of electricity that arc amongst the cylinders or to the ground. The Spectre's head looks scarily similar to Mach's but it looks entirely mechanical. Its "mask" is actually its upper and lower jaws, that can easily split apart to reveal a wickedly fanged maw. Combined with its crazed crimson eyes, the Spectre's expression appears stuck in a perpetual look of manic rage.

Finally, the Spectre has a pair of floating five-fingered hands, each with a 3-foot diameter with its sharpened claws outstretched. The wrists are cut short with a spike in its center (similar to the ones protruding out of its shoulder sockets), and there's a beam cannon recessed into each palm. These hands have all of the movement capabilities as Mach's own hands, but with the added ability to fly freely without being tethered to its body.
HP: 3500
Actions: 3
NCPs: BodyPack

Attacks: ((Can have all available, or leave it up to the mod to pick any 6 of the 8 attacks, etc))
Palm Guns: Fires a volley of plasma bolts from its floating claws. (20dmg x3 + Multi-hit) (A)
Claw Swipe: Rakes target with it's floating claws. (40dmg + Impact + Knockback) (B)
Collide: Rockets forward to bash the target with its body. (Movement + 50dmg + Impact + Knockback x2) (C)
Dagger Swarm: The spectre's scorpion claws explode into slivers of metal, that are then hurled towards the target (1dmg x200 + Variable Targeting + Slashing + Disarm) (C) [Fractal Pincer attack is disabled until next turn]
Fractal Pincer: Uses one of its large, metallic scorpion claws to bisect the target (100dmg Melee + Slashing + Disarm) (C)
Plasma Array: Fires a myriad of thin plasma beams from the multitude of gimbaled eyes on its lower torso. (20dmg x20 + Variable Targeting + Beam Attack) (D)
Overload: After a brief moment to charge, the spectre unleashes an explosion of debilitating electrical energy from its body. (1 Action Charge + 50dmg Elec Nova2 + Slow + Off Target) (A)
Stomp: The spectre slams its bulk against the ground, causing widespread damage around it. (80dmg + Drop Attack + Large Terrain Change (Cracked)

Absorbed Signature Attacks:
Tesla Pulse: Confusion + 2TCD (80pts)
Repulsion Shield: 2-hit shield + 1TCD (40pts)
De-bug: Status Cure + 1TCD (30pts)
Electro-Therapy: Heal 72 + 2TCD (80pts)
Recharge: [Passive] 18HP heal per turn (80pts)
Orbital Blade Defense System: 2-hit shield + 1TCD (40pts)

Can attack while moving or dodging
Dodges are mostly ineffective, though Enraged Spectre can eventually accelerate to a high speed

Possible Results

Spectre Defeated in <4 turns: roll D10
-- 1: Aera/Vector destroyed (lose all levels gained by SPs)
-- 2-4: Aera/Vector recovered, but only exists as upgrades for Mach (keep levels, SPs essentially kept permanently in PET)
-- 5-6: Aera/Vector recovered, but with complete memory loss
-- 7-10: Aera/Vector recovered

Spectre Defeated in 4 turns: roll D10
-- 1-2: Aera/Vector destroyed (lose all levels gained by SPs)
-- 3-5: Aera/Vector recovered, but only exists as upgrades for Mach (keep levels, SPs essentially kept permanently in PET)
-- 6: Aera/Vector recovered, but with complete memory loss
-- 7-10: Aera/Vector recovered

Spectre Defeated in 5 or 6 turns: roll D10
-- 1-3: Aera/Vector destroyed (lose all levels gained by SPs)
-- 4-6: Aera/Vector recovered, but only exists as upgrades for Mach (keep levels, SPs essentially kept permanently in PET)
-- 7: Aera/Vector recovered, but with complete memory loss
-- 8-10: Aera/Vector recovered

Spectre Defeated in >6 turns: roll D10
-- 1-4: Aera/Vector destroyed (lose all levels gained by SPs)
-- 5-7: Aera/Vector recovered, but only exists as upgrades for Mach (keep levels, SPs essentially kept permanently in PET)
-- 8: Aera/Vector recovered, but with complete memory loss
-- 9-10: Aera/Vector recovered


Mach Defeated while Spectre has 10% Health (or less) Remaining: roll D10
-- 1-10: Aera/Vector deleted
-- 1: Mach absorbed (essentially deleted, only battlechips/Zenny/Subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 2-4: Mach deleted (all upgrades/NCP/battlechips/zenny/subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 5-6: Mach EJO, with permanent loss of combat capabilities
-- 7-10: Mach EJO

Mach Defeated while Spectre has 11-30% Health Remaining: roll D10
-- 1-10: Aera/Vector deleted
-- 1-2: Mach absorbed (essentially deleted, only battlechips/Zenny/Subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 3-5: Mach deleted (all upgrades/NCP/battlechips/zenny/subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 6: Mach EJO, with permanent loss of combat capabilities
-- 7-10: Mach EJO

Mach Defeated while Spectre has 31-70% Health Remaining: roll D10
-- 1-10: Aera/Vector deleted
-- 1-3: Mach absorbed (essentially deleted, only battlechips/Zenny/Subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 4-6: Mach deleted (all upgrades/NCP/battlechips/zenny/subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 7: Mach EJO, with permanent loss of combat capabilities
-- 8-10: Mach EJO

Mach Defeated while Spectre has >70% Health Remaining: roll D10
-- 1-10: Aera/Vector deleted
-- 1-4: Mach absorbed (essentially deleted, only battlechips/Zenny/Subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 5-7: Mach deleted (all upgrades/NCP/battlechips/zenny/subchips remain for potential rebirth)
-- 8: Mach EJO, with permanent loss of combat capabilities
-- 9-10: Mach EJO

Thoughts, feedback?

Edit: Yeah, didn't realize old me made something sort of similar years ago. Grabbed the background info and deleted that topic.
After a lengthy discussion over how Bomber doesn't like deleveling in the chat, I think this is fine to approve now, as long as you keep a running total on how much of your current sig pool will be available in a deleveling situation. Have fun plotting. :MrProg:
To keep things simple, any lost process upgrades due to deleveling will be permanently lost and will require repurchasing. To be honest, if Mach is deleted, I won't try to rebirth; it's simply not worth the effort
Fair enough. Re-approved(?)
Adding PsycheMan's info, in case he's used in the pre-BossFight busting.

PsycheMan info

Name: PsychMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element/Subtype: Null/Wind

Physical Description: PsychMan is around 6' tall and of a rather light build, maybe weighing 150lbs fully loaded, at the most. However, determining his weight could only be guessed, since he is almost always seen floating an inch or two off the ground. He has a dark purple body suit that fits tightly to his body. On top of this body suit are black plates of light armor that cover his legs, feet, and forearms. The armor itself is rather unremarkable, but when one looks close, you can see little data channels coursing over the armor, and little bits of light zipping through the channels to different areas on the armor. His gloved hands are the same violet purple body suit color, but there are additional pieces of armor that cover the back of his hand and fragment as they travel over the tops of his fingers. His waist is wrapped by a white cloth that appears to hang loosely around his waist, but remains fixed in place no matter how much PsychMan moves. One end of the sash-like cloth hangs from his right side and extends to slightly below the knee. His most remarkable feature is his helmet, which has a very large, diamond-shaped object secured to the front of the helmet. The lower part of the diamond extends just above the tip of his nose at a wide angle, while the upper portion comes to a narrow point about a half-foot above the top of his black helmet. The diamond structure itself is the same violet purple as his bodysuit, but appears to have been meticulously polished, and may be an actual crystal. His Navi emblem, a pair of diamonds floating side-by-side, can be found on either side of his helmet, like a pair of earpieces. PsychMan's eyes are a dark, almost hazel green, but his eyes are normally closed, even in battle. He has never removed his helmet in front of anyone, but it's rumored that he has chocolate brown hair.

Background: PsychMan was created with the idea of data-manipulation in mind, mainly in the form of telekinesis. PsychMan was gifted with the ability to move objects at will, all without any physical action. PsychMan then made an unofficial mission to find the limits of his own abilities, then train intensely to increase his abilities and stretch those limits as far beyond as he could. Along the way he "adopted" a young female SP named Nell. He begrudgingly brought her along as an "apprentice" (though he initially just used her as a slightly larger object he could practice moving around), but then the pair grew closer, and formed a master-pupil bond. Later on after several months of vigorous training, PsychMan and Nell encountered a data anomaly in ACDCNet, in the form of a spectral Navi. Though PsychMan had grown increasingly stronger, he was bested by the spectral Navi and EJO'd. However, something went wrong with the EJO function for Nell, and she was left behind. PsychMan suffered a near total AI breakdown, which was only made more severe by his mental capabilities. It took several weeks for the Navi to finally recover, and now he roams the Net with 2 goals: To find out what happened to Nell, and to become strong enough to delete the Spectral Navi that attacked them.

Personality: Since recovering from the mental breakdown, he recovered his former composure. He is quiet and speaks little, but when he does, he is very calm and calculating, hinting he was putting a great deal of thought into the situation. He used to be somewhat cocky and would occasionally show off his abilities, but now he refers to his abilities in a very matter-of-fact manner, and doesn't dwell too much on it. He carries a small data-file tucked in the white sash around his waist, which contains a holographic projection of Nell's face; he sometimes leads into a conversation by presenting the file and asking for any sort of information about her whereabouts. Nell was in the process of fleeing when he was EJO'd, so he still feels she is somewhere in the Network, looking for him. He has a very detached and almost bored demeanor in battle, but most often it's because lower level virus busting is much too easy for him. His relationship with other Navis are somewhat stable, only because he wants to spread the search for Nell further and further, and the more people he knows, the better chance he has of finding his wayward pupil.

Battle Style: PsychMan's arms, legs, and the rest of his body very seldom move in battle. He can manipulate objects using telekinesis alone, so there simply isn't a need for any physical movement at all. In a battlefield filled with objects, he can make the battlefield literally whirl around him, striking anything and everything he wishes. If there aren't many objects on the field, he can create some with the use of battlechips, or simply manipulate the enemies themselves to use them as projectiles. He prefers to keep enemies at a safe distance, unless he wishes to get up close and personal with a particular target. When faced with multiple targets of varying toughness, he would often focus his telekinetic powers on the toughest target, and use it to mop up the weaker foes before dealing with it 1 on 1.

His combat style does work well with allies, but his comrades shouldn't be surprised if they end up being moved about as well. He normally wouldn't use an ally as a blunt instrument, unless he/she is particularly annoying to him, or would suffer no serious harm from it.

Navi Stats:
LLevel: 15 (3 chip, 6 Speed, 4NC, 2 Buster UP)
HP: 200
Actions: 6
Buster: 2/2/1
NC: Undershirt, Floatshoes, HP+100, First Barrier (60/60)

Signature Attacks: (Pool: 640/660)
Battle Shift: Though PsychMan's frame moves little, his entire body slides across the battlefield regularly, to allow him to properly survey the field and find new angles of attack. (Passive Movement) [80pts]

Kinetic Barrier: Preferring to keep foes at a distance, his telekinetic abilities constantly drive objects away from his body. (Passive Knockback Nova2) [80pts]

Force Channel: Upon being attacked, PsychMan absorbs the energy of an incoming attack and converts it to raw kinetic energy before returning it back to the sender, causing it to be blown away. (2-hit shield [upon being destroyed:] Microburst + 2TCD) [80pts]

Manipulation: (x2) Telekinesis is PsychMan's bread and butter, allowing him to move objects around at will. (Telekinesis + 2TCD) [80pts]

PsiCrush: PsychMan uses his telekinetic abilities to take a pair of objects, whether it be viruses, terrain features, or even himself, and drives them in a certain direction with a high amount of speed. There are multiple uses, but he primarily uses this ability to slam two viruses against eachother, or slam a target between two objects. (Microburst x2 + Multi-Target + 2TCD) [80pts]

FeintStrike: By applying pressure to different areas on a target, PsychMan can disable a foe's cognitive functions. (Confusion + 2TCD) [80pts]

Crippling Hold: PsychMan focuses on a single target, holding the foe in place and temporarily rendering completely immobile. (Hold + Stun + Self-Slow + 1TCD) [80pts] (40 nerf points to cooldown)

PsychFolder: (18)
RockCube x2: 200HP Object
IceCube x2: 100HP Aqua Object, Immune to Aqua damage
Wind x2: 100HP Object + Wind To-All-Clause(Enemies)
BoyBomb2: 100HP Object + 230dmg Blast3, 1 turn fuse
FlashBomb1: 100HP Object + 40dmg Elec + Seeking + Stun + Blind + Blast4, 2 turn fuse (40dmg Elec + Stun when thrown)
Guard2 x2: up to 120dmg + Piercing on hit
GravityHold1: 50dmg + Piercing + Altitude Change
AirStorm1: 50dmg x3 + Variable targeting (pulls enemies towards targets, then fires tornadoes)
Poltergeist: Telekinesis 3
Skully1 x2: 100dmg + Homing + Confusion
Candle1 x2: 100HP Object + Regen 5 To-All-Clause (Allies), Heatbody (3 turn duration)
Sword: 80dmg + Slashing
Buster should be 2/2/1. Otherwise fine, approved.
Ok, game time. With this approved, I'm looking for someone to mod the boss battle. I'll handle everything prior, and since it'll occur in the ACDC normal networks, any viral encounters would be either avoided or just simply mentioned (with no rewards gained, to keep it legal).