Efreet Program: Chapter 1

The Efreet Program was a program made to eradicate large pieces of the networks. It was made by a cult of Whazzapians who were convinced that the internet belonged to them. This program would be used to hold the internet as hostage. Na'im stole the program and created a Navi to hide it in. This Navi was Djinni.
Throughout the times of her existance, Efreet has been trying to influence Djinni to complete his original task of destroying the network. This, however, was stopped by improved defensive measures inside of Djinni's programming by Na'im. This has initiated the 'fusion process' of completely absorbing Efreet into Djinni's own core.
In order to disassemble Efreet, Fhyre and Szand were created. Therefore they are direct parts of Efreet, Fhyre being its defense while Szand is its intelligence. They were mostly created as tests, to see what Efreet would do. With this test's results Na'im would know what to do to completely 'kill' Efreet.
In a desperate attempt to get away from Djinni, Efreet tried to grab hold onto one of the two SPs. Szand caused issues for Efreet due to his strong personality and different element. But Fhyre was of the same element. Fhyre is rather naive and honest. Efreet only needed a short moment of Fhyre lowering her guard to start a data transfer.
This data transfer is meant to bring everything that Efreet is into Fhyre, but even then it is incomplete. The strength and intelligence of the program are still within Djinni and Szand, so even if it would get away it would be nothing. Before the transfer is completed, Na'im sends the trio into Djinni's homepage in a secure server. Using Fhyre's body, altered with his own code, Efreet proceeds to fight Djinni and Szand in order to consume their data and become complete.

The battle between Djinni and Efreet takes place here. The battle field will be completely filled with sand, as Djinni's homepage is a desert.

After Fhyre is defeated, the data transfer is reversed and Efreet's last hook has been eliminated. There is now nothing stopping Djinni's assimilation of the Efreet Program.
Fhyre, having her body destroyed by Efreet and Djinni, will be made anew and in order to prevent this situation to occur again she will be made with a different element. She will be designed with water in mind to further strengthen her protection against Efreet.
- Real world post with additional character development and thickening plot.
- Networld Topic in Homepages, which will be where the battle takes place.
- Battle. This goes on until either side is defeated.
- Victory/Loss. If victory: Rewards for beating the boss would be nice, but not required. I'll leave this to the Moderator. If loss: Fhyre will struggle against Efreet and eventually destroy herself. This would alter the story slightly with the same end result.
- Continued post in the same topic. Will involve a complete remake of Fhyre and an appearance update for Szand. Will be registered in the registration section first, of course.
- Real world post to finalize the subplot.
Subplot Characters
Enemy Navi
Name: Efreet.EXE (Fhyre Variant)
HP: 540
Level: 20
Element: Fire
Subtype: Shield
Actions: 4
Appearance: This Efreet/Fhyre hybrid takes the shape of a tall and muscular man completely made of lava rock. Across his exterior are cracks, following the human form, filled with active lava. He has four arms. His lower legs and feet are completely made of active lava, flowing onto the floor he stands on. Most of the backside and top of his head is cracked open, flowing lava streaming from it as if it was hair. Covering its face is a golden mask of a man's face with ruby eyes. While its mouth is pictured as well, it doesn't move when he talks. In the middle of his chest is a large diamond-shaped ruby.
Buster: For melee combat, Efreet will use all 4 of his arms and fists, no matter what weapon or shield he has equipped to it. And while he prefers to fight in melee range, at times he'll have to resort to ranged. For ranged combat, Efreet slams his fists into the floor to create pillars of lava beneath the target in order to engulf them.
Personality: Power hungry, very angry and aggressive as heck. Efreet's original purpose was to destroy the internet, which is completely integrated into his personality. In this incomplete form, however, he is dumb as an ox. His use of words is minimal and simplistic at best. Without his source of knowledge Efreet is incapable of controlling his emotions and is therefore only capable of seeing anger. Despite his only link is to his source of defense, he will remain on the offense.
Fhyre, whenever she manages to get out of Efreet's grasp, will struggle against Efreet as best as she can. While she originally let her guard down because she thought Djinni cared less about her, she understands what is happening. All she ever desired was a voice of her own.
Attack: 3
Rapid: 3
Charge: 3
Element Upgrade: Fire
Effect Upgrade: N/A
Points: (50/50)
Equipped Programs: HP+200 [20]; FloatShoes [30]
Unused Programs: N/A
--Signature Attacks--
Cap: 220 (330) / 35
Points: (860/860)

Volcano Sword
Description: Efreet turns one of its arms into a large blade, then proceeds to cut an opponent.
Effects: 80 Fire Damage; Slashing; Melee
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Volcano Sniper
Description: Efreet turns one of its arms into a weapon that looks similar to a rifle. He then shoots at an opponent with a quick magma bullet.
Effects: 60 Fire Damage; Seeking; Ranged
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Volcano Spew
Description: Efreet starts collecting magma in the back of his mouth, then eventually shoots it an enemy. At times Fhyre will resist Efreet's grip over her and cover his mouth with Efreet's hands before the attack gets executed. When this happens, Efreet simply swallows it again and gets healed.
Effects: Random: '120 Fire Damage' OR '90 Heal To Self'; Ranged
Cost: 120
Cooldown: 3 TCD

Overheated Volcano
Description: Efreet makes an upwards gesture, causing lava to emerge out of the earth and engulf whatever is above it. The searing heat will cause problems to the target's Signature systems.
Effects: 40 Fire Damage; Sig Burn; Medium Area Lava Panels; Ranged
Cost: 100
Cooldown: 3 TCD

Corruption of the Earth
Description: Efreet slams his four fists onto the floor beneath him, making the panels below him boil with lava as it spreads out even further. With his fists still near the lava floor, he pulls out a hardened lava shield for each hand.
Effects: 4 x 1-hit Shield; Large Area Lava Panels
Cost: 120
Cooldown: 3 TCD

Volcanic Skin
Description: Whenever Efreet's defenses sense a disturbance, Efreet's skin will toughen up almost immediately.
Effects: Passive 20 Casing
Cost: 80
Cooldown: N/A

The Efreet Program: Defense Module
Description: With Fhyre being Efreet's defensive core, he is capable of accessing it. However, without the other cores he is still incapable of unleashing its full capacity. His skin becomes incredibly tough, while a fiery barrier surrounds him and the sheer force of the barrier rips pieces of the earth around Efreet upwards like pillars.
Effects: Iron Body; 60 HP Barrier; 6x 10 HP Objects
Cost: 200
Cooldown: 5 TCD

Fhyre's Persistence
Description: While Efreet has consumed Fhyre's being, she is still trying to struggle against him. At times she will emerge from the ruby in Efreet's chest as a spiritual body and try to slam her fists into his face. However, if Efreet realizes this in time he will simply crush her and force her back into his control.
Effects: Random: '40 Fire Damage to Self; Impact; Break' OR '2 Sig Burn on Fhyre's Persistence'
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD
Note: Only use after 2 turns or more have passed.
The only reward I'll truly ask for is the permission of remaking Fhyre. Essentially her name, her element, her subtype and her appearance will be changed. Everything I purchased with Bugfrags will remain.
Aside from that it's possible to give me rewards for the Efreet fight. I won't explicitly ask for something or will I tell you to give me rewards, but it would be appreciated.
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