Storm's Questions Thread

Hello. I'm just asking, what is an average height for a person in the RE:RN universe?

Edit: How do you guys Measure height?
Hello. Does our character's Netnavi need a Signature Attack?

I'm just asking...
You don't need Signature Attacks per se, but seeing as how you start off with 60 points right off the bat to make Sig Attacks with, and how customizable they can be once you've got some Process Upgrades, there's really no reason not to use them.

You can find the Signature Attack system here, and you can find the total list of effects here. Hope this helps!
Thank you Sage.
Also, if you are having trouble coming up with a signature attack or want help with the systems, don't hesitate to ask. It can all be a lot to digest.

Edit: I have got a protype signature now.
Mostly, the real world characters (operators) follow the conventions of real life. A teenager is a little over 5 feet normally. A young adult is normally about 5 foot 10 inches for a male and 5 foot 4 inches for a female. Those are just from a Google search but they seem reasonable. Of course, your character doesn't have to be a conventional height and could be dwarf tiny or big and tall store huge.

Your net - world character can be any size (within reason, making tiny (doll-sized) or gigantic (larger than a vehicle) sized net navigators is generally discouraged. Also note that in most situations the size of your navi will have no affect on your battle abilities (I.e. ability to dodge enemy attacks).
Thank you.
Now let me ask you some questions.....

First, The limit on battle chips in the folder?

Second, do Giga and Mega chips exist? If so, how many can go in the folder?

Third, Do all new people start out in ACDC Town?

Fourth, Can a new guy make a homepage?

That is all.
The limit on Battlechips is the same as in the games; 30 in your folder at once; you can carry more, but the remainder goes in your Extras and can't be used.

Giga and Mega chips aren't really present, nor are PAs. Chips are chips; you can carry whatever you please, it's just a matter of finding or buying them.

You can start wherever you please, though keep a few things in mind: you have to have your Operator somewhere in the Real World before you can jack in your Navi. However, just because you're in, say, Electown in the Real World doesn't mean you have to go to Electown Net. You can go anywhere you like (except Rogue and Chaos Networks, they need to be unlocked), but many new users prefer to start in ACDC, as it's the easiest Net of any. I recommend checking the threat ratings listed with each thread before deciding to virus-bust there.

You can make a homepage, and dress it up however you like, provided you're aware that accessing anyone else's homepages means you must have been invited, or been made aware by them.

Hope these were helpful!
Thanks Sage.
My apologies for the bad joke.

Anyway, how do the subtypes work?

A full list of the Subtypes can be found in this post.

Every Navi has a Subtype in addition to their Element; the Element determines the type of damage they're strong with/weak against, and the Subtype determines what kind of things your Navi is good at in battle.

For example, reading Melee (a simple, easy-to-use Subtype), you can see:

Quote ()

Melee: These brutes are masters of hand to hand combat, as well other forms of close combat. Unlike Sword Navis/SPs, the Melee type is more about crushing opponents with strength rather than finesse. Nevertheless, Melee types can get their jobs done.

Passive: Melee Mastery. All Melee attacks gain an additional Accuracy rank. Does not apply to Slashing attacks. Accuracy with Melee type attacks can surpass A rank.

Ability: Bash. Add Impact to the next action as a free action. (Once Per Turn)
The Passive effect shows that a Melee-type Navi is more accurate with all Melee-type attacks; because it's the Passive effect, you don't have to do anything with it, it's always there.

The Ability, on the other hand, is something you can use how you want in battle. Once per turn, you can add Impact (a defence-piercing ability) to any attack you make, for free (meaning: you don't need to use one of your turns to use the ability, it happens in between).

In a turn summary, it would look like this:

Quote ()

Action 1: Cannon to Target (60 Null, Knockback)
Passive: Bash (Add Impact to Cannon)
Action 2: blah blah blah
Action 3: blah blah blah

Obviously, there are a lot of Subtypes, and some are more difficult to use than others. No one Subtype is really better than the other, though, it's just another way to make your Navi unique to you. Hope this helps!
Another quick point: the subtype of your navi doesn't prevent them from using other types of weapons. So a sword subtype navi may be more proficient in using swords but can use cannons and bombs fine too. If you want to, you really don't even have to pay attention to it as I don't believe there are subtypes with drawback passive effects (would check to be sure but posting on my phone). Still, no reason to pass up free bonuses.
Thank you Sage and Heat Sonata.

Can you have two of Registered characters out at the same time?

Just asking.
Ok, I just read the advanced rules, and Space Monkey Steve has rules for beastOUT. Holy fish and chips, beastOUT is cool as a penguin in the artic!

But anyway, where are the Cybeasts?

There's a den in NAXA Net, Yumland Net, Hades Net, and Sharo Net. Needless to say the Cybeasts are hideously strong, I don't know of a single player-controlled Navi that could defeat one by him/herself.
You'll find the rules on additional characters here.

Simply put, you can have as many Operator/Navi pairs as you want, but you're limited in how many you can use by the total levels. As the rules will tell you, you can have one active pair until you reach a total level of 5; after that, you can do two at once, and so on. Any pairs that you aren't using have to be Shelved, and there's a week-long wait between shelves.

tl;dr: Get to Level 5, either with your one Navi or by, say, alternating back and forth between two until one's Level 3 and one's Level 2, and you can have two simultaneous.
Ah. So you need a group of navis to stand a chance.

What animals are they based off?