RE:RN - Hard Mode

[[[For the sake of not knowing a better place to put this, I'm sticking it here...]]]

Alright, let's get this show on the road. Introducing...

RE:RN: Hard Mode

You think you're pretty tough, eh? You can make it to battle 20 on the Chaos networks and your navi hasn't even broken a sweat. Clearly, you're something else, and in need of a true challenge. That's why we have the Undernet, right?

Well, maybe you're not ready for that yet. Test your navi against some truly testing situations, with limited functionality, and then see how far you go.


Basically, this is what I created as the next step of adding Hard Mode to the net.



To use Hard-Mode, you must first select a "difficulty". There are 8 difficulties to choose from, with each difficulty having a set amount of "points" you must fill before you can use this difficulty. Points are gained by deciding on a list of "constraints" from the list of categories. More on this later.


Below is the list of difficulties and how many points are required for each, as well as guidelines you must meet when choosing your constraints. The further down the list you get, the harder the challenge gets.

[Normal] The title says it all.
Points Required: 0
Range: [NORM]

[Diff-1] More of a teaser of what is to come than anything else.
Points Required: 70-115
Range: [NORM] & [LV-1]

[Diff-2] Test your strategies with relative safety.
Points Required: 170-200
Range: [LV-1]

[Diff-3] You'll be re-thinking your game plans with this.
Points Required: 255-300
Range: [LV-1] & [LV-2]

[Diff-4] If your battle style has weaknesses, you'll know them by now.
Points Required: 340-400
Range: [LV-2]

[Diff-5] Best kept to the lower networks.
Points Required: 440-485
Range: [LV-2] & [LV-3]

[Diff-6] Even the most basic virii are tough.
Points Required: 510-600
Range: [LV-3]

[Diff-7] Bet the Undernet looks REAL good right now.
Points Required: 625-670
Range: [LV-3] & [LOCK]

[Locked] If the Undernet has an Undernet, this is its simulation.
Points Required: 740
Range: [LOCK]

An additional feature exists on difficulties [Diff-2] to [Diff-6]. You may include a maximum of two constraints from the level one LOWER than those stated, but for every instance you do so you must also balance it out with a constraint from the level one HIGHER than the ones listed. If the change alters your total points to outside your specified level's points total, it is not allowed.


Choose your constraints from the list below. The rules are quite simple:

* You cannot select more than one option per category. Duh.
* You must have at least one option selected from every category. The exception to this rule is Support Programs: if you have none, you must not select anything from this category.
* You cannot lock-out what you do not have (eg. Action-3 when you only have 3 actions)
* You cannot choose options not within your difficulty's range.

Each category's constraint options are listed by [Level][Points]: Description.

[NORM][000]: Buster does regular damage.
[LV-1][010]: Buster stats reduced by 1 each.
[LV-2][020]: Buster stats reduced by 2 each.
[LV-3][030]: Buster stats reduced by 3 each.
[LOCK][040]: Buster stats are all reduced to 1.

[NORM][000]: No limit to signatures allowed per round.
[LV-1][020]: Use of signatures is limited to 3 per round, passives included.
[LV-2][040]: Use of signatures is limited to 2 per round, passives included.
[LV-3][060]: Use of signatures is limited to 1 per round, passives included.
[LOCK][080]: No signatures allowed.

[NORM][000]: No limit to battlechips allowed per round.
[LV-1][020]: Use of battlechips is limited to 3 per round.
[LV-2][040]: Use of battlechips is limited to 2 per round.
[LV-3][060]: Use of battlechips is limited to 1 per round.
[LOCK][080]: No battlechips allowed.

[NORM][000]: Any number of programs allowed on NaviCust.
[LV-1][015]: Up of 3 programs allowed on NaviCust.
[LV-2][030]: Up of 2 programs allowed on NaviCust.
[LV-3][045]: Up of 1 program allowed on NaviCust.
[LOCK][060]: No programs allowed on NaviCust.

Support Programs
[NORM][000]: All SPs function fully in battle.
[LV-1][020]: All SPs have functionality reduced by 50%.
[LV-2][040]: All SPs have functionality reduced by 75%.
[LV-3][060]: All SPs have functionality reduced by 90%.
[LOCK][080]: No SPs allowed.

[NORM][000]: Regular number of actions allowed per round.
[LV-1][030]: (# Actions - 1) allowed per round.
[LV-2][060]: (# Actions - 2) allowed per round.
[LV-3][090]: (# Actions - 3) allowed per round.
[LOCK][120]: 1 action allowed per round.

[NORM][000]: Dodges have no limit, usual ranking rules apply.
[LV-1][015]: Dodges reduced by 1 rank, maximum of 2 per round.
[LV-2][030]: Dodges reduced by 1 rank, maximum of 1 per round.
[LV-3][045]: Dodges reduced by 2 ranks, maximum of 1 per round.
[LOCK][060]: No dodges allowed.

[NORM][000]: Start with regular health.
[LV-1][025]: Start with 90% regular health.
[LV-2][050]: Start with 75% regular health.
[LV-3][075]: Start with 66% regular health.
[LOCK][100]: Start with 50% regular health.

[NORM][000]: Defenses have regular strength/hits.
[LV-1][015]: Defenses have 75% regular strength hits.
[LV-2][030]: Defenses have 50% regular strength hits.
[LV-3][045]: Defenses have 25% regular strength hits.
[LOCK][060]: No defenses allowed.

[NORM][000]: Healing occurs as per normal guidelines.
[LV-1][015]: Healing has 75% effectiveness.
[LV-2][030]: Healing has 50% effectiveness.
[LV-3][045]: Healing has 25% effectiveness.
[LOCK][060]: No healing allowed.


In line with rule 3, navis that wish to take full advantage of Hard-Mode must have buster stats of at least 4 each, an action total of at least 5, and at least one support program.

I thought of putting battlechip Tier restrictions, but after much thought the restriction seemed a bit over the top; they're removed at the highest level anyway.


Ingenius? Waste of my time? You be the judge.
I think I know where to put this. [moves]
So what you're saying is that at the ultimate level, our navis will be pecking away at the enemies with a 2 damage buster shot, one action, half health, an inability to dodge, no signatures allowed, without help from SPs.

That's not difficulty. That's just dull.
I wouldn't expect anybody to use that. It's just like the Undernet; there for people who are suicidal. [Diff-6] and above make a set of 3 Metts look like worthy opponents.
This is basically just fake difficulty. Plenty of other ways to make normal battles harder.
I agree to disagree with the idea of a hard mode.
I'm PRETTY sure that anyone could impose these "challenges" upon themselves. Besides...there's easier ways to increase the difficulty of battles without it being a "hard mode".