Net Prison we have a netpolice riiiiiiiiight?

And we have a netmafia riiiiiight?

And not all the time is a villian navi deleted at what does the net ploice do with a dangerous navi....

Why not create a net area for where they keep criminal navis like these. A place for villianous navis to spend their sentences. The anime and manga did have a prison for net why not here?

I mean, the net police can't always delete a navi. They at times need information that they know of....that or perhaps their crimes weren't so bad. You never know.

Perhaps it could be a fun thing to do. It could open up new ideas of plots and such...

.....if you don't want it....I could always keep it as a subplot thing.......
Hmm. I have something this might work with.

I shall discuss this with the involved parties and get back to you.
...anyone else?
Don't drop a soap~~

Net Prison could be considered a special area as the plot progresses further, but setting one up right now wouldn't feel too right...It's a good idea~~
There was a proposed system that could've gone with this. Don't remember its status, but I think we could get back to you in... a month? I'm not good at developing stuff, really. ^^;
I thought it'd be along the lines of a bunch if filing cabinets where they keep the PETs, of they are downloaded onto individual homepages that get cut off
Mmkay. I talked to the involved party, and they didn't have a problem with it. So I'll be using this for a future project (as in after the tourney and a few other things are done).
...are those THINGS done yeeeeet?
they will be done when they are ready, monkey. Has patience...unlike twitards (twilight retards).
Never going to be implemented, decided against, try again next year.