A complaint.

Redundancy, huh.

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(Dec 30-17:33) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: I have a good reason.
(Dec 30-17:34) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: I can't upgrade both of my navis at the same time.
(Dec 30-17:34) Lux: What do you mean?
(Dec 30-17:34) Lux: Like, "Walk in the store and buy upgrades?"
(Dec 30-17:34) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: If I'm on Soundman
(Dec 30-17:34) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: I can't, systems-wise, upgrade Wiz
(Dec 30-17:34) Lux: I'd let you.
(Dec 30-17:34) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: Ah, but there's the problem
(Dec 30-17:34) Lux: I mean, if you linked his thread.
(Dec 30-17:35) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: The navis are stored in a locked topic
(Dec 30-17:35) Lux: In Shelved place.
(Dec 30-17:35) Lux: It's not locked.
(Dec 30-17:35) Lux: People trust people.
(Dec 30-17:35) Lux: They're stored.
(Dec 30-17:35) Lux: It's not locked, though.
(Dec 30-17:35) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: Once your characters are in this thread, it will be locked, and your characters will remain preserved exactly as they were when you left them.
(Dec 30-17:35) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: Read that sentence.
(Dec 30-17:36) Lux: Well, Twi.
(Dec 30-17:36) Lux: As Other systems change around it, I'm sure we can accomodate for them.
(Dec 30-17:37) Lux: I'm sure, that if you want to spend money on Wiz, they won't make you walk out of the store, swap sigs, and walk back in.
(Dec 30-17:37) Lux: I won't.
(Dec 30-17:37) Lux: And I make the assumption that most people aren't losers and support RPing.
(Dec 30-17:39) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: You may then start over with new characters, and when you want your old characters back, you may have them, in the same exact condition that they were in before.
The characters that you used in the meantime may be stored, or deleted, whichever you feel is best. However, none of their possessions or upgrades will be transferred to your old characters, no matter what.
(Dec 30-17:40) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: The two character groups are entirely separate, and may not interact in any way.
(Dec 30-17:40) RAINBOW-COLORED-PLANET-BUSTER: Read that last bit.


Please either fix your rules topic, or fix your stupid system that supposedly makes Multinavi redundant. Or both, preferably. The way it is currently? It does not make it redundant.

Get an SP.
He means that the way the rules are written they say you can't use MultiNavis.

No fluff interaction, no same Op, no "Oh hey look, I own two navis and have lots of zenny so lets buy upgrades for both Navis while I'm here in Suitachi's Shop."

Do we have a problem changing wording to reflect all the above as legal?
Get an SP.
i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say...get a flipping SP.
He's right.

Though I would agree with Twi out of preference, it is too much of a pain to upkeep and the differences between the two exist because of this.
I'll state once more that they're effectively the same...
Once the rules get change properly, and allow for MultiNavi Shelving with Same op.

Basically, what we're going for, as far as I understand, is Fluff interaction (You can have 2 Navis in your PeT that chat, if you want) and Shelving between threads that allows for Use of both of them.

I'd also allow the buying of upgrades for the shelved one, I suppose, as it makes sense IC.

Since this system was said to be obsolete, the Shelving rules may need to change slightly to make that true.

If I'm wrong tell me off, But I don't think I am. This doesn't change much, really.

You can do the same stuff as before.

You may have to wait a bit on the rule phrasing update. Depends.

I hate to say it, but to you three tellin' him to get an SP, and SP is not the same as a navi. If he wants to keep Soundman and Wiz as both real navis, but use the same operator, he is pretty well hosed with the wording as it is now.