Zeta Mode NC Upgrade

In honor of the return of the great Sgt. Porter, I propose that we create a NC upgrade that will allow all Navi to experience the incredible power of the Zeta Mode.

Zeta Mode Upgrade: Zeta Navi are the best of the best, crafted for the horrors of war and forged in the flames of battle. The Zeta Upgrade grants a Navi the power of a military commando of the highest order.

Uses: Once a NetOp purchases the Zeta Mode Upgrade and installs it in their Navi, it allows that Navi to enter "Zeta Mode" once per battle thread. "Zeta Mode" lasts for one round of combat.

Abiltiies: Zeta Navi are masters of combat with power equaling that of the Cybeasts themselves. As such, all attacks used by a Zeta Navi gain a considerable boost in strength while in Zeta Mode. However, Zeta Navi are so powerful that they no longer need to rely on defense or healing. Healing is for the weak!

Stat Buffs/Nerfs: Zeta Mode grants a +50 DMG bonus to all attacks(Chips, Busters and DMG Dealing SigAttks) used by the Navi during the turn the Zeta Upgrade is activated. However, the Navi is unable to dodge or use any chips/sigattks that do not deal damage.

OMG ZETA NAVI CAN'T BE DELETED! While in Zeta Mode, a Zeta Navi is theoretically invincible. They cannot be reduced past 1hp and cannot be deleted. However, they will still take damage as a Normal Navi would. Think of this like an infinite UnderShirt while in Zeta Mode.

OMG POINTBLANK! Zeta Navi are masters of close combat, even with ranged weapons, and can harness this skill once each time they enter Zeta Mode. This ability allows the Zeta Navi to sacrifice his +50 DMG Boost to grant one attack either:
1. Double DMG to a Single Target.
2. 3/4th DMG with a To-All-Clause. (Rounded down)
((Note: The +50 Sacrifice only applies to the attack that uses the POINTBLANK ability. All other attacks while in Zeta Mode gain the +50 DMG Bonus.))

----Zeta Mode Upgrade----
Duration: 1 round per battle thread.
Pros: +50 to all attacks
Cons: Disables dodges and all non-attacking actions.
Special: OMG POINTBLANK! Ability, Cannot be deleted.
What? No. Just no.

Turn it into a subtype! That would get my vote!
Bit late for April Fools', aren'tcha?

Make it available for 100z.
Are you kidding me Hiko. This shit would at least cost 10,000 zenny!
And it would fill 100 NC Points too!
You're weak statement has no hold on this issue. 10,000z is a reasonable price for such an upgrade if ever implemented. However, we of the moderating team will take your statement into consideration if this is ever implemented.
Which I surely hope it isn't.
ya. 10K in zenny and around 100NC points, if not more. if it ever goes into consideration.

I have 90 NC.

No. This never even goes through consideration at all.
Honestly...This was only half a joke. That's wwhy it isn't riddiculously overpowered and I bothered an attempt at balancing some things...But yeah, it'll never really work.