Tips, please


I really want to improve the amount I get out of each turn.

Basically, my RP quality. It seems like other people are flying through battles, and I'm moving at a steady 2mph. I mean, I'm definitely putting detail, and dialogue, and THOUGHT into my posts. But it doesn't seem to get me anywhere. >.>

Tips? From the 'better' RP'ers?
trust me, I did the math, and better rps is better than speed posts...

my last couple of battles got me more than My origanal posts put together, even though I've only had 2 fights in the last 3 weeks

edit: trust me, you can do waay better quality than your most recent posts...

sidenote: I lost 150 hp in one battle, and still got a chip for it...

sidenote for sidenote: I only have 100 hp, I rehealed for 50 points, and lost them again...
RP quality doesn't mean much if you want to go fast. Look at Dark. Whenever he solos, he almost immediately posts directly after seeing someone modded him. Others, like me, have to think some time before posting. I haven't posted in a few weeks, because I just don't know WHAT to write. I'm slowly gathering ideas, figuring out how to get to my subplot, get some foreshadowing for people who might read my posts (because I just like doing that) and the actions Persephone will do.

You ask us how to improve your RP quality to go faster, but... Is RP quality really the problem here?
no offence, but yes...

in the other direction...
No, you have me wrong here.
I'm saying that the battles are taking forever in terms of HP, et cetera.
Like, the damn things never DIE. XD

Oh, and I'm not sure how I just suddenly died in one turn...?
you were auto hitting, remember, that is big nono, everything attacked, hit you and you died, simple as that.
So, I forgot one word; is that really cause for death?
"attempted" or "tried" or "at".
Well, yeah, actually. If you do it enough.
Not certain what I can say about all that, but the reason people tear through battles isn't all because of RP quality. Regardless of how much effort I put into a post, a shotgun is still only going to deal 50 points worth of damage (except for that one time, that was weird though). Starting off is slow, really slow, unless you picked up the bonus package for being an old member and getting lots of cool stuff. Without that, you're stuck with, what, a cannon, a shotgun and a rageclaw to take down hordes of virii? Starting up is going to be hard.

Stuff I can think of to get things moving, put lots of effort when using that shotgun chip, especially putting notes in like, "I line up the virus in my sights, praying that it's brethren still stand behind it," or "My Navi tears across the ground like some high powered rocket, lining up the viruses slowly, surely, then letting off a cacaphanous blast as the shotgun chip activates and spews forth it's deadly cargo". Stuff like that. It's not just RP quality, just firing your shotgun isn't going to nab you that splash damage unless the mod is feeling really generous, you're going to have to work for it, and even then shotgun splashes only happen once in a while. At low level though, one would hope that the mods are more lenient, and with a good post it should be possible to squeeze the full 100 damage potential out of there, taking out two ACDC virii at once.

Cannon you can't do much about, unfortunately. Just RP well. All you're really hoping for there is that it connects. Take out a Metool and you should be happy, although you can combine a cannon shot with a couple of buster shots to take out the nastier baddies.

Same thing for your sig attack, if you've got a damaging one. At low levels, damage sigs are a godsend, when you really don't have the chip power to make a fight easy, your own powers are sometimes enough to blast away that last enemy. As such, it's usually best to start a battle with your sig attack, that way you can get it cooling down right off the start and able to use it again ASAP.

And finally, the rageclaw chip. The trick there is to spam it without the mods thinking that it's spam. It's a low-accuracy cannon that you can get multiple uses out of, so you'll want to put in some effort to ensure you get a hit in. Next, remember that repeated use of a Rageclaw makes mods very unhappy, and to be honest, it's pretty boring. There are ways to spice things up though. First off, ending a turn with a rageclaw attack and starting the next turn with a dodge action, then another rageclaw, that seems less like spam, but only because there's a turn seperater in between. If you did two rageclaws one after another, that could be considered spamming it, and even two rageclaws in the same turn with a dodge seperating it could be considered pretty spammy. But two rageclaw attacks between two turns doesn't seem so bad. Of course, some mods are probably more prone to penalize you anyway, but it'll seem more interesting at least.

There's more too, or at least I hope so. Remember that using chips overrides the Rage Claw chip, but nothing is said about using buster attacks or sig attacks. This could be a nice interesting way to spice up a battle. Say you're engaged by a pair of 50 HP Virii and all you have left is a rage claw? Give one a swing, then back off and fire a pair of buster shots at it. There's one down, and you've still got your rage claw hanging around. Chances are, the mod isn't going to break your claw after one swing, so you get a second round and you can finish it off in a similar manner, though remember that diversity is always good.

One more bit of advice concerning override chips in general, it's my personal experience that mods like it when you turn them off yourself rather than them having to break it in battle and remind you, "No spamming! Bad!" When you see an oppurtunity to get enough use out of a weapon to finish a fight, say to yourself, "Well, I'll stop it before the mods do, that way my character doesn't look like a doofus when his hands break over something silly." Say you're engaged with two HP 50 enemies and 2 HP 40 enemies. You cannon one of the 40s, then rageclaw a 50, saving your third action for a dodge. The Mod says you hit. You've now got a rageclaw still stuck on you, and with only 1 HP 50 enemy, 1 HP 40, and an HP 10. Say that your character strikes out with the rageclaw at the HP 40, but then dismisses the claw himself as he activates his shotgun chip and blasts away at the 50, again saving the last action for dodging. With good RPing, you should hopefully leave the mod satisfied, or at least relieved that he didn't have to bother with some damn melee chip spammer. Finish the last enemy with a charged buster shot or a signature attack for extra flair and really have some fun with it and you've got a standard battle one ACDC fight under wraps, and hopefully with a new chip in your library for your efforts.

Not to say any of this will work for sure, but it's what I'd suggest all the same. Happy hunting!
Or you could overspam RageClaw like me XD.

In all honesty, I'm content with not superRPing every time, and I accept the consequences. FIghting 4 Metools just shouldn't be epic, IMO. Instead of going for quality, I simply act as my characters would and throw in a little detail to get across my character's intentions.

Not saying you should follow my lead though.
Hmm...I see...

Well, quality isn't much of a hassle to me. You just lack some patience and those "attempting" key words. Trust me, when fighting against virii, don't forget that you don't control them and don't determine their fate. That my friend is where we see ourselves "Godmodding."

Now then, I prefer to post as soon as possible, but that won't get you know where. I sit there staring at the post with some planning and thinking about how to keep Empress from taking the constant barrage of attacks while smoothly dealing with the enemies. Don't rush to win and get stronger, you'll only get less and less HP and you won't get to any higher level battles. Remember, to progress you'll need to have not only the will to go on, but the right stats. Going into your next battle with 10HP is like painting a target for a mettuar who can shove the axe right there in your "tucus" for stupidity.

I prefer to enjoy the battle with the constant attitude and sassiness of Keera and her navi Empress while showing their cunning. I even make their battlechip data load in an exotic way so they could use it. Like how boring it would sound if they were like:

+Empress fired a heatshot trying to delete the mettaur virus and a splash aimed for the next one.+

and comparing that to:

+Keera smirked as she sat in the shadows watching Empress from afar. Her purple eyes had scrolled with the stream of the usual computer coding digitals as she sent data from her memory to the pulsing veins along her right arm while the flesh covering the strange cybernetic arm had shown a light purple glow mixed with her synthetic snow colored skin. Empress had stared forward with a stolid expression as she lifted her right arm slowly while small embers had danced along her right hand's finger tips and at the palm was a small ball of fire that burn ferciously as she aimed her sight at the Mettaur towards her left flank. She had clinched her fingers as they had forced their way into the back of the small ball of fire to release it in a full blast forward making it shoot towards the virus with the force to make an explosive splash upon contact. "How bland..." Empress commented at the little fun she had picking off such puny adversaries.+

Sorry if there's any typos, but I don't think I require myself to correct that if I get my point across. I think Mods prefer posts like these if possible, and it doesn't matter because the posts I make like these are fun to me, so get into the habit of trying to make good posts and plan your moves in battle, or you're going to die!!! (or EOJ, whichever comes first.)
Thanks, Tom, that helped a lot.
I didn't know that the RageClaw stayed with ya.

I guess I'll just put more effort into posts.
Oh, and Niax, I was completely saved by something; I thought before I posted.
I was gonna be like, WTF NO NIAX U SUK AT RPING
then I thought;
I'll check his post first.
-checks post-
-jaw drops-

For the meantime...Kure's still locked out of his house.
Maybe Shin can randomly come by and KICK THE DOOR DOWN.
jk jk, he's in Netopia, it won't work.
But at least you're accepting tips Hiko, after not reading what certain chips do, not knowing what a subtype ability is, etc.
You're doing great! Beginners always at some point get screwed over... I think, I don't know, maybe most of them blow through everything with Magnums. @_@
I'll stop talking now. I don't think I made you feel any better. TT_TT
It's fine, it's fine.
Just, Zero and I are teaming up, so give me sum chips plz. ;~;
Well, hopefully. I'm looking for a team-mate in my ACDC topic; Kure's locked out of the house now, and his mom's on a work trip. RS YOU BASTARD HE'S GONNA GET HYPOTHERMIA! XD
Or suffocate to death, whichever comes first. :'D
Yeah, last I checked, Kure's actually an alien. He survives on methane, the oxygen's gonna kill 'im.
Oh dear, you sure he can't find a random cafe to stay in? XD
Or at least call whoever set up the goddamn security system, seriously, they've got to have an office around ACDC somewhere. XD
Heh, I know, it's just a sub-plot so that Zero can save me. : D

Quote (Hiko)

Yeah, last I checked, Kure's actually an alien. He survives on methane, the oxygen's gonna kill 'im.

Grunt alert!


If Tom put the same size and detail of that last post into all his topics, he'd be like a god.

Quote (legoroy2)

Quote (Hiko)

Yeah, last I checked, Kure's actually an alien. He survives on methane, the oxygen's gonna kill 'im.

Grunt alert!


If Tom put the same size and detail of that last post into all his topics, he'd be like a god.

Gah, caught me.
: D
: D
I <3 grunts. They're amazing. I want to play as a little pink grunt with a shotgun. ;~;