Defining the Lands

Just an idea I had last night.

So far we've recreated places and areas from the games; however, I am slightly concerned about the make up of the areas. Now, Electopia is supposed to be Japan, Netopia is America, Yumland is China, Sharo is Russia and Netfrica is Africa. Now of the areas we have,

ACDC ~ Small suburb within Electopia
SciLabs ~ Science lab located in Electopia
Electown ~ Capital(?) of Electopia
Yoka ~ Resort/Vacation area...Within Electopia...

Netopia ~ A whole country/continent...

Sharo ~ The whole country of Russia...

Netfrica ~ The whole continent of Africa...

Basically, I was thinking we could flesh out the other areas. Mebbe not even necessarily for the Nets, but the RL areas. I mean, Electopia is pretty fleshed out and defined, but the other areas encompass whole countries and continents. I think it would help the sight by adding a few new areas to carve up the massive chunks of Netopia and Netfrica and perhaps add some more countries....Where is Europe? Where is Australia? Where is South America?

So, what do you guys think?
I don't think the MMBN world is supposed to be just like the real world. The reason that we haven't defined those places is that they don't necessarily exist, methinks.

Then again, I'm not really sure one way or another. I really think we should do something with those 4 areas we started to unveil. I guess we're waiting for virus distribution there though.
I'm sad....where did America go? I saw a Tomahawkman where is the US?
In BN 4 they had a world map that looked like it was drawn by a third grader in a hurry. From what I could tell, Netopia was North America and it seemed like South America had been taken over by NAXA. How the world's space program took over that whole continent, I know not but that's what the asswipe that drew the map made it look like.
It was probably a leftover of one of those shows where they prove people's ignorance by going around with a map and asking them to name countries and nations.

"Hey, doesn't NASA own that continent?"
Hmmm...We can work with that. South America is now one giant space and aeronautics development lab. It's like Super SciLabs, but for space. I can live with that, I really can. However, I'd like a Europe...And mebbe an Australia. I mean, I guess we could say that Russia took over all of Europe and renamed itself Sharo, but if that is the case then we should really say that only the north eastern section of Sharo is icy and mountainous while the central and south western areas are actually pretty nice...Also, I'd like to see some form of Egypt within Netfrica.

And Aim, of those areas we were going to introduce, I believe most of them are also located in Electopia...Except for my suggestion, of course, which is in Netopia.


That's all I have to say.
I actually agree with Shur. : D

Netopia's probably America, judging by the heavy industrialization and the slums (hey, the slums could be an area within Netopia!) I dunno why there's castles in America, but it looks like Creamland's Britain anyway.

Also, wouldn't Yumland be India? The Big Buddha from BN4 looks like it's done in a vaguely Indian style, and the residents seem to be wearing sari and bindi.
Didn't you know? Europe fell into the sea with a great earthquake D:

They explain it in MMBN:28 - Untold Stories Orange
Guys, Ive looked at the world map. It's not based off of the realworld map, it's fictional placement similar to our own. And that 'South America' area is OWNED BY NETOPIA! If you want to consider it in real world terms: the US Took over Canada, Mexico, and the Central and South Americas to make us the United Continents of America. NAXA (the future NASA) just happens to be located on teh southern part.

That's the main map pic, as shown by Sprites Inc. While it's shittily done, I must say that that looks an awful lot like our planet. Also, as you'll notice, Austrailia is there. The programmer just didn't love it enough to make it a playable area or for that matter, label it. IS a little kid's drawing! DAMN! Its so weired!!!
Crap, Zan beat me to the definition of Britain. -_-;
Actually, if I remember correctly, the...
ARGH! WE'RE GOING BY THE ENGLISH VERSION. I don't know if Jasmine said she was from Choina or Yumland in MMBN5, I was pretty sure it was Choina.
Yeah, that's all I have, sorry.
That didn't look liek the map I saw...did they change it for the different games?
I don't see seperate spots for Choina AND a Yumland...I see Africa, Australia, some Middel Eastern area, what looks to be Russia, Japan, North America and South America...That is...If all those areas were smoothed out and converted into basic polygonal shapes...