ChatRoom Muzak

Tom: Our chatroom needs background music

Shuryou got 1x "Tom's Idea".
Is anyone interested in this? We could make a Stickam player (see LordHothead's signature) in the Chatbot's signature and give the password of the Stickam account to some of the Admins/Moderators so we can host songs EVERYONE likes. Aye or Nay?
hell ya, that way i don't have to go to youtube while i'm on at school......there's like a 1K thing on stuff from places like youtube.
Twi likes the idea and has someone to make the Flash Player for the music. The songs we'll pick is still being decided, but he exclaimed "I LIKE THAT IDEA" when I said "one song per member". So there will always be something you'll like between it while also listening to music other members like.
I call WHat I've Done by Linkin Park.

I don't use the chatroom, moslt ybecause I don't know where it is (cough coughpointmeintherightdirection) but I think music is a good addition to practically anything. That, and the ability to mute it.

I call Kanon Medley (Metal Wings) by 403 Forbiddena.

Or Blaze of Life. or Northern Lights. Or Southern Cross. Or something.

I call 403 in general k.
I call anything by Dream Theater. But the music thing broke so it doesn't really matter.
Perhaps a Song Request thread is in order. With a limit on how many you can suggest. Because people will inevitably flood the damn thread.
If that's the case, then let this be the music suggestion thread.

I'll take one from my many Sonic remixes, yarr!
Happily ever after from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan Soundtrack.
It's this song in this video.
Idea suspended until things around Twi have been cleared up.