Elemental Stuff

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Won't slide on ice panels.

Takes no damage from lava panels.

Unaffected by magnet panels.

Heals HP while standing on grass panels.

Ok people. I need to know exactly what comes of these advantages.

How much damage is taken from a lava panel if you are not fire?

How much health is restored if you are grass on a grass?

How does Magnet panels effect everyone else?

What does the sliding of the ice panels do?

Have you guys just not worked this out all the way yet? Is this to come and I am jsut jumpping the gun? If not, answer these please. xD Thanks!!

We;ve not completely worked it out, but my current theory is...

Ice and Magnet- negates an action, be it dodge or attack.
Fire and grass- probably a certain percentage.
Wait, so Fire does...

+20 HP for fire types
+30 Damage for Fire chips

Was that it?...So, how long does the panels last?
No, the bonuses for elemental chips rely solely on the element of you navi for now.

Fire types and grass types will recover a certain amount of HP if they end up on corresponding panels, but the amount hasn't been decided.

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No, the bonuses for elemental chips rely solely on the element of you navi for now.

Fire types and grass types will recover a certain amount of HP if they end up on a fire panel, but the amount hasn't been decided.

Alright...Damn, I was gonna make an attack that creates Fire panels >_>;;
You need to change that some IMO. What is the point of having two elements that have the same bonus? Each one should have something different.

Fire- Enemies take 10 damage for standing on a fire panel
Water- Doesn't slide on ice panels. Non-water slide and loose accuracy and dodging skills
Grass- Heal 10 hp each turn for standing on a grass panel
Elec- The magnet panel has a strong field and holds all non-elertic in place. -1 action.

Something like that.

Also, can my sig attacks still create panels?
But the way I heard it, you wearnt depending on panels in battles. I mean, I had a special attack that turn can turn the 8 surrounding panels of a hit target to lava, then smash 3 of the 5 panels that he skids on after being hit by the attack. But the attack wasn't accept lowering my special attack to be a meare stun punch... so why do elements even matter. The panel creation and destruction doesn't seem to work well.

But ma'am, it's the only which addresses my issue... I'm still hoping that you'll come in with a solution to this problem. A whole new array of special moves depend on it.
*snicker*He called Twi a ma'am.*snicker*Now Twi knows what I went through.*snicker*

Anyways, hold tight. If we decide it will bring anything useful to the game and not completely unbalance things, we'll work on a system.

And Twi's a guy.

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And Twi's a guy.

Whaaaaaaat? I never knew!

Also, we did have that terrain system in the works to replace base panels. Once that comes into effect, one could create lava terrain which would have much the same effect as lava panels. As for breaking panels, one could always RP that as fluff with the mechanic being that the enemies have a highly reduced dodge chance or something of that sort. Since we are looking for a balance between mechanics and ease of writing, a lot of game systems are not going to work properly here, but we will do what we can to aid the populace.
We're working on it, but if you'd like to know more about Terrain, check the Planeswalker Field Test topics in the Colosseum for a preview of what it will be like to fight on Terrain.

If Terrain is implemented in any serious way, we'd have to limit the ability to fly to those who have the appropriate programs to do it, but the flip side is, the writers will have MORE material for their writing even with the loss of unrestricted flight, because the Terrain itself will provide so many opportunities to be creative beyond what is possible now.

The trick's gonna be convincing people of that, I suppose.