You know how we always had trouble with movement. Like we just let the player make one post and then they would be at their destination. Or we would have like three battles between them and the destination.

Why not go with a little Kazu D&D look on this. We would give Navi's a certain amount of speed or something, then they would use that to determine how many feet they move in an Out of battle post.

I'm not exactly sure on what I'm saying. Basically I'm trying to say we might have found a formula on movement.
I like the idea. Random battles while traveling are the bread and butter for any rpg. Would also give sneak run a use.

If you do this, it will force players to travel real world, and jack in on the spot, if they want to hurry up.

So on the side, I propose to add "traveling" topics, where players could meet. The most universal place would be the metro (and the station), where they could interact while their ride arrives. The train itself is a universal "run into each other" place, as you can get up/down at (almost) any spot. Maybe there could be a quota on how many do you have to post (interacting with others, if there are), till you arrive (or till you board the train).
I can't help but feel that this is a bit excessive.

Quote (Zanallen)

I can't help but feel that this is a bit excessive.

for the third time.
Might be fun for big-ass fights, not just the little ones. We could even have some Navis fight in a D&D universe.
I didn't mean for the little fights and stuff. I meant for like missions, how if you have to retrieve something, you would usually fight a series of battles. Instead of just using battles, you would be able to determine how far the person would go instead of them just saying I run up there and grab the object.

You have no say Dark.

However, maybe a square system or set # might be easier.
Maybe. Except then someone who spent a ton of cash getting to 6 speed would have no bonus over a noob with 3 speed outside of battle in any given situation. Which is kinda lame, haha.

I'd like it if more non battle events were implemented that used a navi's stats in a DnD way. Like maybe...

A huge boulder is blocking the water from entering the onsen! What do you do?

*Break Navi with high attack* Tries to break the rock with his fist! (probably works)
*Celeste with her lack of a buster* Slaps the rock! (probably hurts her hand and loses a little bit of hp for being a ditzy blue haired woman)

See that thur:P?
Thats a good idea Leon, it adds more realistic abilites to things.