Navi Chips!!

OK, I'm typing this idea down so I won't forget it later.

I still haven't got the idea of how you will get a Navi chip (The Job BBS? / Certain Level of crossing?), but it would do something like the original game would do. It would summon up a navi to an attack (Old -__-), or even call it for short assistance in the combat(New~ :3)

This idea (again) is beta, so it needs some balancing I guess^^
This has been brought up a ton of times.

SO far, the general agreement is that only NPC's will have navi chips. No PC chips.

Quote (Leon)

This has been brought up a ton of times.

SO far, the general agreement is that only NPC's will have navi chips. No PC chips.

Why NPC only? Story wise??
Meh, I never understood our policy on NaviChips...Nor the reason why we don't have them. I think they would be cool and easy to implement, if difficult to earn. Something along the lines of: ChaosChip1 ~ Deals 40 Null damage, plus stun(Gravitic Crush).
The Navi chip would be lower power compare to the real thing in the game, and also the way to get a navi chip would be through a Cross, which would increase the demand to group people together^^
It would be like Persephone's Signatures.

American appears from the a large rip in the net. He raises his rifle, and then begins to fire unrelentlessly on the virus. He then salutes, and returns to the rift.
Yeah, I've toyed with this idea before.

My draft is that basicly, the v1, v2, and v3 chips are that Navi's level 1, 2, and 3 sig, and the way you get them is by beating them in the netdome, limit 1 each, and you could only have like 3 of each level chip total. It was an idea to bring more activity to the Netdome, as well as find a way to get a staple chip type into the RP. Unfortuently, I never got much farther than that.
I remember that suggestion. It never did get very far. **Waits for another member to complain about the current number of systems and then bitch about adding more**
Yeah, once we figure out subtypes, I think I'm gonna take a vacation from system building. And I'm not even one of the major people working it.
Meh, NaviChips seem like a simple idea to implement, but who knows about the repercussions?
This reminds me, I need to get a IC friend so I can get a cross.
You already have a base with Druidman, Moonlight, Kenji, and Tornado.

Not to mention any others you talked to at the Square.
NO WAI! I have no IC friends...Only IC enemies! I feel like Bo and American....
Well, look at it this way. At least your Navi's met another member's Navi. All my Navi's met is a battle-happy HeelNavi that Zan is modding for me. Goddamn, I wish I was here fast enough to get into the event.
One thing that concerns me is that, would they just be the straight sig? I mean, my lv1's aren't really going to do much but 'passive', and the drives seem like the issue with things. Of course, Moonlight is an exception to the norm; I'm just saying is all.

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This reminds me, I need to get a IC friend so I can get a cross.

PICKMEPICKMEPICKME! *shot* i never got a cross in RE:CN so.....i'm gonna get a cross THIS time.....almost had a cross with kemix and voltman......too bad the real world topic wasn't any good.
Hey Steve, do you think if all five of us, worked together. We would be able to get four crosses each?

And my best bet would be Kenji or Moonlight. Since I talked to them in the party also.
Nope. Each thread/battle can only be used for one cross.

So you'll have to choose one of the four.
Going back to navichips, tho, it would create way too many chips. Three versions for each navi that exists?
That's upwards of 200 chips.

That ALONE is a reason not to...
But I won't dismiss the fact that it was a cool idea.

If we had NPC navichips, though...

Who would you pick to get a cross with Steve? I'm thinking of asking Corrupted to team up with.