Alan Jowett and Peroba.EXE

Name: Alan Jowett
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Alan stands tall, at six foot two, and has very sharp features. His nose is more of a beak, protruding out from the rest of his face like a stoplight. His eyes condense into slits at the edges, as his hazel eyes dart around, seeming to suspect an "attack" from all sides. The corners of his mouth turn in, as though he is amused by something beyond your understanding. His hair juts out from all sides, creating a wall of spikes growing straight up out of his head.
Personality: Alan is very suspecting of people. He never trusts anyone without good reason to or previous experience with them. He seems to have a deeper understanding of the world than most of his few, if any, associates... if you could call them that. He towers over others, and seems to impose others with a sense of false fear, for in reality, Alan is truly very caring, but he fears the trials of the world. He wishes to control everything, which clashes with his navi's nature.
PET Modifications: Alan's PET is the dark green of his own navi, associated by Perb's brown trim.

Name: Peroba.EXE (Perb for short)
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Sword
Appearance: Peroba's body appears a shimmering dark green, which seems to slightly change with how he is feeling (further explained in Personality). He has a brown trim falling down his sides and around his armpits. His arms and legs share in his body coloring, the same magnificent green, but his hands and feet are bathed in a dark grey, almost lingering on the edge of being black.
Personality: Peroba is very defiant to everyone who dares to try to take a command over him. He will always do what he wishes, nothing for others unless it is under his own personal interests. When he feels happy, his body coloring becomes lighter, almost to be a pure green, the color of the forest.
Custom Weapon: Gun-Blade - A sword is placed on Perb's arm, but the barrel of his buster travels directly through the center of his blade so he can fire shots through it as well as attack with his sword.
Signature Attack: Dance of the Lotus Flower - Peroba leaps into the air, twisting like a trapeze artist at work. He rapid fires at one enemy while in the air, and then comes down on the enemy with his blade, all his strength, and the force of gravity on his side (60 damage, 2-turn cool down).

Care to explain how you have an identical IP as kNightslicer?
yes, sorry i lost my password and username for another account i created, so i created a new one... sorry?
Er, why didn't you just use the 'forgot my password' option?
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Er, I don't feel like PMing all of you, so:

Don't you think it's simply much easier to just make a new account? He forgot the username itself, so of course he couldn't make something similar...

He didn't do it so you wouldn't NOTICE, he did it just so that he could make a new god-damn character and actually be on the site. XD

Also, I know him in person, etc etc, so go easier on him than you are, kay?

Forgive me for posting in the registration topics, but I do think this is sort of relevant.
Whoa, hold on, chief! I'm not getting aggressive, I just want to figure out what's going on. If you knew him in real life, Hiko, you could have mentioned it to someone so that we'd be in the loop. This is about a lack of communication, and it's, quite frankly, not my fault.

Also, rules are rules, Hiko. Warn+1.

I say it's fine.

We'll just close the old account.