Arata and Songmaster.EXE

Name: Arata Hachiro
Age: 15
Appearance: A lanky boy of about 5'3, Arata has dark brown hair that hangs over his face slightly and is shaved close to the skin on the back. He wears an orange jacket and jeans with regular sneakers and has a backpack. His skin is near-flawless and is a standard white, not to pale, not to dark.
Personality: Arata is an addict to tabletop Fantasy roleplaying games and often references them in common speach. He is a neophyte with a love of finding new things and is deeply curious. he also has a nasty temper that flares up occasionally, but is otherwise quite mellow.
PET Modifications: His PET is actually a brand new Link-PET in the original PET case. The only difference between it and the real first PET is that it doesn't use a cable to Jack-In.

Name: Songmaster(SM or Song for short).EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Recover

Songmaster.EXE was designed and named after Arata's favorite tabletop RPG class, the bard (he's a level 13 bard/1 arcane trickster/5 rouge ((Arata, not SM)). He wears a bright blue tunic with a purple vest sort-of thing with a red cap with a white feather in it. He carries a lute on his back with which he uses to attack and recover with. He wears silver silver pants that are very lightly on (unlike the pic, no yellow underside) and has sandals.
Personality:SM is a genial soul who enjoys a good story and loves to spin a yarn. Although he sometimes lies or exaggerates, you can usually count on him for trustworthiness. He dislikes fighting, although he usually shows up for the show, and tries to keep himself out of it. His goal in life is to chronicle all the major events on the net and thus had no preference to anything. He also sometimes speaks in Olde English because of Arata's love of fantasy games.
Custom Weapon:
Bardic Music: SM unslings his lute and starts playing a tune and occasionally singing. His music is so good, that it actually causes damage to those who hear it and are in a line in front of him.
The Bard's Songs (signature attacks):
Song of Slow: 40 points, [Reduces the effectiveness of ALL dodges for one character by 1 Rank. Stacking penalty applies. Cannot exceed Rank E.]
Song of Removal(NorthWind):20 points, [Removes Barriers and Auras, but does not bypass them]

(EDIT: And of course, I forgot the picture.)

EDIT2: Ok, I think I got the Signature weapon thing now. You use points to select items from list and start out with 60 right? Which means I can use 3 twenty point effects right?

Edit3: Nooowww did I get it right?

1: Read the Rules.

Done? Okay, read them again, please.

More specifically, THESE RULES. (Note that these are two different links.)

Your signature attack is illegal because it uses the to-all clause, which you can't use from the get-go and I doubt you would want to anyway:

Quote ()

To-All-Clause: Free, but SELF FULL-CRASH (when activated) [Attack targets all enemies, all allies, or both, but inflicts NC Lock, Buster Lock, Folder Lock, and Sig Lock when attack ends. This effect carries over from battle to battle and thread to thread until the duration has expired. See Nerfs for more details.]

How to get: Purchase To-All Signature Upgrade from Suitachi for 5000 Zenny. Upgrade is good for one use before burning out.

Also, we dislike references to anime characters. Remove the "(think Keitaro from Love Hina)" bit and your character designs are fine.

I can't see any immediate problems aside from those, so fix those and we'll see where we stand.

EDIT: It's also been pointed out to me that the name 'Bard.exe' is taken. You'll have to pick another.

Fixed I think? If the signature weapons thing is still wrong, can someone explain to me the system? It confuses me...
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I can not approve your registration, but I can help you with your signatures. However, if you have problems with them, post for help here, or maybe here next time, and I can guarantee that there will be mods and members around to help you.

Lets see what you've got so far:

The Bard's Songs (signature attacks):
Song of Protection(HP Defense effect): 20 points, [Plays lute,Generates a 20+ HP defense.]

HP defense has a base cost. It costs 20 points, and above the number of hp you want it to guard. You could change it to a one hit barrier though, since those only cost 20/hit.

Song of Pain: 20 Points, [ Plays lute, either navies in a small (5 foot) radius get hit by it or in a straight line ahead. Does 20 Damage.}

Unless you take extra effects, an attack may hit only 1 target, or the damage has to be split. Basically, there is no free AoE like the one you are trying to do.

Song of Removal(NorthWind):20 points, [Removes Barriers and Auras, but does not bypass them]

Perfectly legal.

Quote ()

EDIT2: Ok, I think I got the Signature weapon thing now. You use points to select items from list and start out with 60 right? Which means I can use 3 twenty point effects right?

True, but you are missing the point that you could have one signature with 60 points of effect, two with 30... or one with 40 and the other with 20. You can also mix the effects. For example, you could have a 40 point signature that has North wind and also deals 20 damage.

Also, cooldowns. For the ease of the staff, we usually expect people to include it in the description. The cooldown up till 40 points of effect is only 1 turn, regardless how much points you've spent on it. Basically, now you have 3 20 point signatures with one turn cooldowns. You could have a 40 point and a 20 point one and both would have one turn cooldown. If you want to keep it like that, thats fine, but strategically speaking, forging many seperate low cost signatures is not a good idea (especially if they don't even reach the 40 point limit for the one turn cooldown).

Hope I didn't sound confusing. If there is something you don't understand, pm me, or just post in one of the above topics.
Fixed, I think.
Fixed the topic title to reflect the name of the Navi.

I can't see any problems with your registration, mechanically speaking.



GET NCP: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Undershirt

GET CHIPS: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw

Post your Net-Op and Navi information in their respective areas, then post in the real-world area you wish to start in... and enjoy.
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