HangMan's Repertoire

(Level 4) Max Cap: 60 | 90 Nerf | 15 Passive [60/240]

Leeching Loop
HangMan launches a noose from his wrist before snaring a target to drain some of their energy. (15dmg Wood LifeDrain + Stun + 2TCD) [60pts]

Twisting Noose
HangMan launches a noose in an unpredictable helix-like path, allowing it to bore though barriers and be nigh on impossible to counter. (40dmg Wood + Impact + 2TCD) [60pts]

Gunman's Bane
Hangman raises a weak shield to block an incoming attack, then counters by striking back at the attacker's weapon with a noose, or his own limbs. (1-Hit Shield + (Counter (Shield Destroyed): Disarm) + 2TCD ) [60pts]

Thanks to the albeit brief peace of mind provided by cover, one can take a moment to strategize and recoup before jumping back in to the action. (1-Hit Shield + Sig Chill + 2TCD) [60pts]

Sig Points Utilized: [240/240]
Looks good. Approved.