Cat-astrophic Signatures

Okay, since Nikko still hasn't had her signatures updated...TIME TO UPDATE THEM!

Level: 0
Caps: 60 (90) / 15 (Start)
Points: 80

Infusion: Smothering her foe with a summoned blob of blood that covers part of their body, it corrodes and burns at the enemy's data before coming back to her and healing her for the damage dealt. (20 Fire Life Drain, Shot Type, 20x2=40 points, 1 TCD)

Flaming Knives: Summoning blades of flame to her side, Nikko launches them at a chosen target once per turn, dealing a small amount of damage as well as slightly burning them. (Passive 10 Fire Slashing damage once a turn, Shot Type, 10x4=40 points)