ANGEL Armoury

[60/100] PU#3 (can only use 1 at this time since she's level 1) Max Cap: 60 (90 Nerf) 20 Passive

Grapple Claw: (20dmg Null + Stun + Pull + 2TCD) (60pts)

Grapple Claw: (60dmg Null + Stun + Pull + 3TCD) (60pts)
Wouldn't this go over both current Level 1 active caps at 100 points?
... aaand you're right.

Keeping the old Grapple Claw, adding this:

BUBL (Battlefield-Use Ballistic Limiter): The "Bubble" is a soldier's go-to device when the going gets rough. Its subdued green energy shield and accompanied energy boost gives soldiers and field medics the chance to buy precious time to tip the scales of combat. Though fragile compared to medium and heavy shielding, its quick cooldown time allows for multiple uses in even short skirmishes.

(1-hit Shield + Heal 15 + 1TCD) (40pts)
Appropriately weird military acronym usage approved.