Rass Revisions

Fusionist Physics (80)

The fusionist protoplasm is constructed out of an easily moldable material that possesses a high degree of elasticity. To that end, it's a simple matter to absorb the impact of otherwise-crippling attacks and negate their ability to bowl the small fusion navi over. Additionally, Rass can use his internal generator to create bubbles of air within the fusionist protoplasm. When released, these can discharge small but powerful bursts of force. With Ishamel running the calculations, these can be released either to knock away obstacles or opponents, or as a response to any attempts to displace targets on the field.

Passive knockback x2 = 80 cap used.

Fusion Restorer (80)

As a result of his observations and studies of the fusionist protoplasm, Suien began to more fully understand why he had mistakenly identified Rass as a recovery-type netnavi. The body of the Rapid Assimilation and Synthesis System is fluid and amorphous, but possesses a surprisingly high degree of stability. By sending a series of electronic impulses across the surface of the fusionist protoplasm, Rass can transform the gelatinous mass into a reconstructive agent that regenerates damaged data and hardens into a tough "second skin" when the repairs are complete. The hardening process occurs independently of the recovery process, which means that the protoplasm can be discharged and used as an adhesive for a different target before it becomes tough and armor-like. Fusion Restorer repairs damage to Rass' systems by 45 HP, and creates a hard shell plating that can absorb attacks. The casing can be discarded and fired before it hardens such that it is applied to a different target, be it object, friend, or foe. This casing can further be used to fuse objects into other objects or navis by acting as a protective sealant.

45 Heal (60) + 20 HP casing (20) = 80 cap used, 2TC


Following a near-complete desynchronization of the Rapid Assimilation and Synthesis System, Suien was able to isolate the true nature of the fusionist protoplasm not as an adhesive reagent, but as a constructive one. Unwilling to tackle the issues inherent with adhering navi-germinated programming directly to the fusionist protoplasm, Suien devised an approach that would take advantage of Rass' new designation as an summon-class netNavi. By charging the fusion core beyond its normal capacity, self-contained packets of energy can be manifest and imbued within remote objects — through a similar process previously used by Rass to heal fellow navis. The Independent Thrust-Energy Mechanism, Mark II — "ITEM 2" for short — was the first application of this technique. Using a small portion of his fusion core's system resources, Rass is able to summon a medium-sized personal transportation unit capable of aerial operations... a flying surfboard for a lack of a better term. The sleek pink-and-black oval-shaped transport possesses a trio of thrusters in the back, powered by the spark of fusion core imbued within. Two of the three rockets have a full rotational axis, allowing for a variety of different twists, rolls, and acrobatics. In addition, and perhaps most important to Rass, ITEM 2 operates as a separate independent entity with its own power core — which means that it can be imbued with a subsystem. Upon destruction of ITEM 2, the subsystem returns to Rass' body via an orb of colored light - probably shaken up, but otherwise unharmed.

Flying (100) + Object Passive Tactical Move (60) + 20 HP (20) = 180 Cap used, 5TC.

Neo Fusion Armor doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to according to the rules, so I'll shelve it for now.

340/460 cap used
Remaining Signature Points: 420


Sync Buster

One consequence of the developmental trend toward more humanoid NetNavigators is the emulation of the organic brain within a computerized framework and the consolidation of these processes into a single centralized processor. The result is an immense improvement in an operator’s ability to interact with and understand their navigator, at the cost of a certain degree of efficiency only obtainable from traditional CPU processors.

Most operators welcomed this change. After all, it’s a lot easier to talk to a tiny human than a desktop tower.

That said, one downside of this development is that most mass-produced navis are bound to a single processor that issues commands from the electronic brain which translate into action. Many navis seek to overcome this weakness in a variety of ways. Some navis are designed to boost processing speed far beyond human levels. Some navis utilize intricate programming to string together a chain of hyper-efficient command sequences.

For Rass, the solution is simply to have four brains and make them work together simultaneously.

By streamlining various processes within the Rapid Assimilation Synthesis System, Rass and his subsystems are capable of creating a parallel process within the body, shortcutting common processing roadblocks and dramatically increasing the efficiency of his actions. For this particular command, Rass maintains control of his body to evade and fire while another subsystem simultaneously optimizes the energy output from the fusion core. The result is an extremely fast charge/discharge cycle, albeit one that sacrifices a certain degree of control. Externally, it’s not a particularly flashy maneuver - the only evidence of its activation is a brief flickering of Rass’ bodysuit from black and pink to totally white.

Technical Version:
Dodge (40 cost)
Charge (40 cost)
Trap Activated Attribute (Trigger: Rass makes a Charge Attack): [Rass gains a buster charge (40) after resolution of buster attack, Set New Trap Activated Attribute (Trigger: Rass makes a Charge Attack): [Rass gains a buster charge (40) after resolution of buster attack]]

[i]Simplified Description:]/i]
Dodge (40 cost)
Rass gains a buster charge. The next two times Rass make a charge attack, he gains a buster charge after the attack. (3x Buster Charge = 120 cost, counts as a trap until the third charge attack)

160 Cost, 4TC

Subsystem Hack

Rass’ “summoning” abilities can be traced to the ichorlike fusionist protoplasm that makes up his body. However, the protoplasm itself is simply a medium for his subsystems to control. This ability allows any of Rass’ subsystems to temporarily exit the fusionist protoplasm and enter any object on the battlefield in a burst of colored light. In so doing, Tem, Argo, or Ishamel can temporarily “fuse” with any object with the field - hijacking its structural data and allowing it to move according to their whim. The visual effect of this ability is that the targeted object will turn Blue, Green, or Red depending on which subsystem is currently inhabiting it.

Telekinesis (80 cost)

80 Cost, 2TC

Fusion Force

Rass slams one of his limbs into the network, briefly fusing with it and sending one of his subsystems through the network toward a given point. Once there, the subsystem releases a signal into the network, prompting a command to “fuse” with all targets within a given radius. Though actual fusion with the network is impossible, the signal will nevertheless draw inward all entities within a ((3 panel)) radius from the point.

Ground Type Attribute
Pull x2, Nova 4 = 80 cost, 2TC

Supporting Protoplasm

Subsystem Hack

As an entity comprised of the same fusionist protoplasm as the main body, the Supporting Protoplasm can similarly fire off one of Rass’ subsystems to temporarily “fuse” with any object with the field - hijacking its structural data and allowing it to move according to their whim. Again, the visual effect of this ability is that the targeted object will turn Blue, Green, or Red depending on which subsystem is currently inhabiting it.

Telekinesis (80 cost), 2TC


Soul Fist: Savior Flash

The mega-ultimate of fighter has adopted the legendary Soul Fist as his chosen battle style. Unable to fully grasp the philosophy of the vaunted art, however, the M.A.S.S. sees the Soul Fist as the use of dominating brute force to simply overpower a target. As such, Mass' version of MeleeMan's signature style relies on little more than sheer speed and strength to shatter his opponent's body and spirit. The Savior Flash is the first such technique, and begins with Mass channeling the majority of his system resources into destructive energies, manifested in a brilliant crimson aura. These volatile energies can be fused with any other attack, increasing the power by a significant amount. As soon as sufficient power is corrected, Mass teleports to a more strategic position (usually, in Mass' case, point-blank range) and prepares for battle.

Buster Charge x2 (80) + Teleport (80), 4TC
This is all fine, you're approved!