Mir's First Sig Update

For science! In space! Scrapping LTC Discharge and just making a new pool altogether.

Quantum Striking (60 Elec damage, 2TCD; 60 points)
Even with the advent of Lumian beams, deep space exploration still has its hurdles. Interference is a particularly bad problem for low-density, transmission-type beams as the loosely condensed Lumians often get dragged down by interstellar debris. The solution shows that even science has a place for brute force. For where low-density Lumian beams cannot pass, a momentary cluster of high-density Lumians is used as a quantum wrecking ball to make room. This works quite well on asteroids, and Mir figures that anything that can destroy an asteroid can destroy a virus.

Kinesis Battery (45 Heal, 2TCD; 60 points)
NAXA staff Navis are granted certain perks, one of which is free use of whatever in-house software applications they are compatible with. Mir found her spacesuit took quite well to a simulated prototype kinetic energy transformation weave. In English: When Mir takes damage, her suit absorbs the impact energy and can make self-repairs with it. The program's been edited slightly outside of realistic possibility so that Mir can apply the repairs to her actual body should that ever somehow be injured.

NTSN: Saber III (Large Area Metal Terrain, 1TCD; 40 points)
Mir shoots a Lumian signal to the NAXA Terraforming Satellite Network, commanding the alteration of the current battlefield through precision laser fire. The Saber satellite class specializes in the installation of metal plating, and the Saber III individual satellite has the second widest targeting system NAXA employs.

Rocket Science (Take Aim, Passive; 10/40 points)
Mir already has an abundance of background calculations to assist her aim with the LTC, but even computers can't promise perfection. The prodigal astrophysicist Dr. Emily Delumia can get pretty darn close at times, though. Operators operating, who would've guessed?
I see only 200 of your 220 point pool used, want to use up the spare 20 points?
Still capped at 60, and I don't want to nerf, so no.
Then it's approved~