HighwayMan's Sig Updates!

Got some more sig points to work with, making some sig changes.

Old sig
Road Rash: (Cost 40) [Delayed Damage 20Fire/turn (Burn), 2 turn duration; 1TCD]

Road Rash: (Cost 60) [Delayed Damage 20Fire/Turn (Burn), 3 turn duration; 2TCD]

Old Sig
Skid: (Cost 10) [Knockback; 1TCD]

New Sig
Skid EX: (Cost 40) [Microburst; 1TCD] HighwayMan is slowly awakening a talent for controlling not only his own speed and momentum, but other's too. Far more than just a swift kick or a shove, Skid EX is true manipulation of inertia and gravity, though the navi is still prone to accidents and such, being new to his awakening powers.

Old Sig
Throttle: (Cost 10) [Pull; 1TCD]

New Sig
Throttle EX: (Cost 40) [Gravity; 1TCD] Like Skid EX, Throttle EX is more than just snagging things with chains, it is the first step to true manipulation over inertia and gravity. At least so far as bringing things to him is concerned.
I'd like to warn you that Gravity may cause you a lot of problems with side effect damage, and Microburst may have unintended side effects as well.... If you want more push and pull without losing control, I suggest stacking Knockback and Pull instead of using these effects, and yeah, you can stack the weaker 10 point effects but not the limit-broken 40 point versions. Still, if you're okay with unleashing Newtonian pwnage without limiters, and are prepared for the consequences, that's cool. Just post letting me know one way or the other.
Newtonian pwnage. Excelent! I'll take em as written!
Have fun with your enemies bashing into you. Hope you brought a helmet.