Resolute Steel Force

My God.

New sig attacks.

On Druidman.

1180 points total, 940 used, 240 available. (160 with Ageless Time Force)

Hardbody (40) + Passive (x4)


240-160=80 points remaining. (0 with Ageless Time Force)

Quote ()

DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Resolute Steel Force: This is DruidMan's Steel Domain magic, and as such, his eyes change color to a light grey to reflect that. DruidMan has incorporated some basic Steel element magic into his natural physique. By giving his skin the properties of bark, and further charging it with Ironwood magic, he is able to harden his body and increase his durability at will. A simple chant capped with "RESOLUTE STEEL FORCE!!!" will either dismiss or activate the ability.

Resolute Steel Force - Causes passive Hardbody with Ironwood. (P)
And an approval here as well.